Your stress passes to your baby

It is possible to pass stress on to your baby. I’m sure you naturally understand this. In the science it’s called “Stress Contagion”.

Video Transcript:

I want to tell you in this video about stress contagion which is actually really like a name for something. So, contagious stress is contagious to your baby and it was an actually amazing bit of research on how they test this. They took mums, they put them in stressful situations, and it was only they were being evaluated by a panel when they were doing the presentation. 


So, no pain involved, as you know people find it very stressful talking to other people. So, they put the mums through this test they measured their stress levels and things. They measured the baby’s stressful things with saliva to check out hormones and things.  


Then, they put the mums back with their babies as expected.  But rather amazingly the babies then matched their mum’s stress levels. So, some mums were more stressed, some mums weren’t stressed, there was a control group who didn’t do anything. 


So, there was a group where the mums got sort of negatively evaluated in the presentation, then another group where the moms got positively evaluated, and it all matched. So, totally amazing so to sum up what this is that the baby picks up your stress.  Okay?  and we know that you can go into a room and it has that sort of bad atmosphere feeling to it.  


So, we are capable of feeling this. So, we do know this and I’m sure you have seen with your baby, when you’re struggling and getting uptight with them everything just gets worse and worse you hand it to someone else and they totally chill out and you think “wow you just chilled my baby out”. Actually on the mum of that baby so it’s been scientifically recorded. 


You can measure hormone levels in saliva and they actually start to match. So, it’s really quite amazing. So, what can we learn it’s one of those things that be aware of it because if you’re getting stressed and then your babies getting stressed you’re just getting in this cycle. 


It might be that you need to have a break. If you’ve got someone there pass the baby over to them, and you get out to have a little five-minute walk. You know that comes home, family members, friends, or anything like that. 


Just chill back down and then sort of break that stress contagion as they called it. But be aware of it so what will also be contagious is you being relaxed and happy. So, that will be contagious as well because they’re saying the baby can pick up on that. 


So, if you are this way inclined of deep breathing which is relaxing on the nervous system meditation relaxing on the nervous system is kind of the bit how you get the benefits of them because they’re relaxing. So, if you can do any of that meditation regularly and maybe when the baby’s asleep at some point. 


You could do that and just keep bringing yourself down calming then you would actually pass it on to the baby. I hope you find this interesting it’s called “ stress contagion. ”

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