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I was recommended Christian by my acupuncturist before my baby was born, I was not entirely sure what I would need him for but I remembered what she had said.

When my baby arrived she had a click in her hip and shoulder and I wondered if he could help with that. However in the couple of weeks running up to our first appointment my beautiful little baby (at about 3/4 weeks old) had started ramping up her evening inconsolable crying, at first it had not been every day and when she did do it was not for very long. Soon she was screaming every night and I began to worry that she was in pain from wind or otherwise. It was very upsetting at its peak and strangely we started just having it as past of the evening routine, horrible time.

After the first season with Christian for the first night in ages there was no witching hour and she slept well that night. Witching hour returned but shorter the next night, after our second session Christian said we likely would have 2 or 3 good nights then would maybe return. We had 3 amazing long nights sleep with no witching hour. The crying returned for just 15 minutes on the 4th night so I rang to get a cancelation appointment ASAP we had the 3rd and 4th sessions in quick succession and no witching hour since then!! At 9 weeks we had a 7 hour stint of sleep with another 3 hours after the feed. Bed time has moved in from 11:30 to 9pm and we are a lot happier household!

I believe that what Christian did got rid of the witching hour and made my baby more relaxed, as a consequence myself and my husband are far more relaxed and this has meant more parts of life with a new baby have fallen into place.

I cannot recommend Christian enough!! I would tell all frazzled parents to see him worth every penny.

Thank you Christian!!!

Anna, Haywards Heath

My son had terrible problems feeding from just a few weeks old and it started to affect his weight gain. After weeks of doctor and health visitor appointments and every trick in the book to deal with what we thought was colic or reflux, we came to see Christian. The difference in Elliot after one appointment was amazing. We were given probiotic drops and in the space of one week Elliot is thriving. The osteopathy also helped loosen him up and relax him.We couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends.

Susan, Haywards Heath

Before we started coming to see you I was almost at my wits end with 6 night wakings and only half hour naps. It was exhausting. Literally the day after our first treatment session Laurie did a 2 hour nap. Things then got better over the next couple of weeks and we currently only wake twice a night and most naps are over an hour which has transformed my life! She has been a tricky baby with reflux and always needed careful handling but I think thanks to you we have turned a real corner and she is a much happier baby.

Georgia, Haywards Heath

Dear Christian,

I would like to thank you for your book (via my father). It has been a lifesaver! At 3 weeks our daughter developed colic. What a nightmare. I never realised how hard a colicky baby could be. I searched the internet for advice but it was all so non-specific. Then my father appeared with your book when our daughter was 5 weeks old and we haven’t had a problem since.

I thought your book was well written, easy to read but most importantly well researched and referenced. As a doctor I found it reassuring to see the evidence laid out for me to see. I can also see how a non medic would be able to show this book to a midwife, health visitor or GP and get them to understand your theories. I think this book should be recommended at every antenatal class!

Dr Louise Moran BSc(Hons), MBBS, MAPCS, FANZCA, FCAI, EDRA, PG pClin Ed
A testimonial for the Calming Colic book by a consultant doctor.

Calming Colic made it easy to understand what was happening to my baby boy. Understanding it is the biggest step towards curing it. My boy had colic and Reflux. Rather than using the useless medicines prescribed, I swore by Cranial Osteopathy as recommended in Calming Colic. The most invaluable advice was given about taking probiotics following a course of antibiotics, this really helped. I have passed on this book to all my friends as it should be given out by GPs and midwives.

Christian's comment:

It is important to find the correct solution to your baby's "type" of colic, or the help for the CAUSE. In this case the solution being probiotics for the CAUSES - antibiotic use. I do have some children who do well on prescribed medicines, although they tend to give symptom relief.

Excellent book for new parents

I teach baby massage classes and I recommend this book to all my mothers especially those who have babies with colic or reflux.

Marilyn Wilson, Tiny Touch Baby Massage

Every pregnant mum needs this book!!!!

Amazing book!!! How long have we put up with people telling new mums ‘its just colic, it will go when baby is 12 weeks!’ Now at last calming colic explains not only the reason why colic can occur but also how to help it!! (or cure it) Wow!!!

I read this after my baby girl was screaming for 3-4 hours every night. We followed Chritian’s advice and we have a much happier baby. Im not making this up, when reading this book i felt it was actually written for us!

I have recommended to lots of friends and will continue to do so.

Honestly it makes so much sense. I just wish midwives and health visitors would start giving this advice. It would avoid a LOT of unnecessary stress at such an amazing time.

I wish i knew about this when having my first baby.

Thank you Christian!

J Warrender

Thanks you very much for your book – brilliant and a relief to read and understand what is happening to my baby girl. All new mums should be issued with this book by the NHS on the birth of their child! It would have saved me a lot of stress and worry over the past few months.

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