Help for you and your baby. Do any of these sound familiar?

Does your baby have colic or reflux? Or seem in pain?

Are you not sure what colic is? Or if your baby has it?

Does your baby not settle well at night?

Do you have a ``hungry baby`` that wants to suck all the time?

Does your baby have lots and lots of little watery poos?

Did you have an emergency C-section? Or planned C-section?

Are you stressed because you don't know how to help your baby?

Understand Why Your Baby Is Crying

I’m sure as a parent you FEEL or JUST KNOW something is upsetting your baby. You’ve probably been told “all babies cry” and “all babies are hard”, “no babies sleep”?

These are my pet peeves when it comes to help as they offer you no help! 

Maybe you’re fed up of middle of the night journeys in the car or pram walks or shushing and rocking them around the house or having to hold them all night to get them to sleep. These are fine to get a temporary fix, until the next time they wake and start crying. 

The problem is you haven’t found the cause (think delivery, antibiotics, formula etc) and then helped these issues so you get a longterm happy baby.

Social Media videos

Have you watched my videos on social media videos? If you have and your’ve liked them and like many parents you’ve messaged to say they make sense, or that I’ve explained your baby to a “T”, then you’ll like my signature online colic solution as it’s basically just like my social media, except all on one page and easy to work through in a simple step by step way. It has tons of information that is really easy for you to navigate to the right videos or downloads.


My ultimate help solution for your colic, crying baby.

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✅ What is colic?

✅ Myths of colic

✅ Reflux help

✅ Allergy help

✅ Learn about Antibiotics

✅ Understand Probiotics

✅ Full online baby quiz to be filled out

121 WhatsApp support

How to help the 10 causes of colic

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Calming Colic
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Take my colic and crying baby quiz

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Can’t thank you enough for your help/advice, feels like a huge weight has been lifted! I just find it so frustrating how health care professionals don’t advise any of this and just fob you off with ‘it’s normal: they will grow out of it in a couple of months’

- Anonymous

Colic Infographic

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