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Offering a totally different view point from any other baby help book Naturopath Christian Bates uses his clinical experience and combines it with medical scientific research to come up with an understanding of factors that cause colic and solutions to put in place.



An easy to read, step by step guide about why your baby is crying and the many different causes. Christian looks at each and helps you understand why that affects your baby and how to help them. Here are the 10 causes:


Let’s list now each of the 10 issues /obstacles I have seen occur over and over again in babies with colic.

1. Birth trauma—long births, instrument delivery (forceps, vonteuse, kiwi), quick births, C-sections, premature births.

2. Antibiotic use and imbalance in bowel bacteria.

3. Maternal separation.

4. Growing pains.

5. Feeding and sleep environment and routine.

6. Foods eaten by the breastfeeding mother cause colic.

7. Formula-fed babies have issues with the formula causing colic.

8. The mother has digestive issues of her own such as Crohns, IBS, or ulcerative colitis.

9. The mother is deficient in good foods and nutrients resulting in a “hungry baby” that is unsatisfied with breast milk.

10.Stress in parents, before, during and after the birth.


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