C-section basics

If you had a C-section then these are the videos to work your way through to help your baby.

Choose the relevant videos for your c-section type (emergency or planned) and then watch the ones about how your baby is, for example strong neck or hates laying on their back.

Then watch the antibiotics baby videos as you get antibiotics at C-section.

Then watch the probiotics videos to understand why they help your baby. Probiotics are one of the best things you can do after the antibiotics.

Baby BirthType: Traumatic, Emergency C-section Baby

Baby BirthType: Baby Hates Laying On Their Back

Baby BirthType: Little Meerkat baby (strong neck baby)

Baby BirthType: Planned C-section baby

Baby BirthType: Little Frog BabyBirthType (curls in a ball baby)

Baby BirthType: Antibiotics baby (lots of little watery poo’s)

Probiotics Introduction. Important video as one of the main ways to help your baby

These are the probiotics I recommend. I have them also bundled up with my ebook and my full baby help solution to save you money and help you more

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