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So,  let’s talk about flatheads. And if your baby has a flat head, usually it’s on one side, so it can be straight at the back and then they just have a completely flat head at the back. But usually, it’s favoring one side.


Like everything in this course, go and see your doctor, go and see your GP. your doctor, go and see your GP. If you’ve got worries about your baby, of course, you have to go and see someone. And obviously, I can’t see your baby’s flathead and give you my opinion on how flat it is.


So please, with everything on this course, go see your GP first. This is an educational course, but here’s my take on the flatheads. The flat head is really like everything on here.


We don’t want to just treat the symptom. We want to get down to the cause of why that symptom is there. And most often the root cause of a baby having a flat head is that their head turns one way, or should I say their neck is turned one way or they favor one way.


And there are other videos on this. So here’s your baby. You may have noticed that they always turn right, so they’re always looking right. Even if you the mum or the parent is on the left, they still look the other way. 


And you would normally think that they would want to watch what their mummy is doing. Okay, so that’s the deeper cause. When that’s the deep cause, then you want to help them with that and that’s when you might go see cranial, psychotherapist, cranial osteopath. 


They’re the people I received for that. But if you’re doing baby massage and things, then great, you’re doing some physical treatment, but you want to leave the neck and the spine and the head to a professional.


So why this is important, the sort of ongoing bit from here that I think is important is how well the baby is breastfeeding. Okay, so have you seen the breastfeeding section as well?


But it tends to all add up. If the baby is flat on the right side, that would usually mean that they’re turning to the right more. So the pressure is here and the head is going a bit flat on this side.


And that usually means that they don’t feed so well on the mum’s right-hand side, on her right breastfeeding side, because the baby’s head is turned to easily look into the left side of the mum.


So here’s the baby turning to the right. They don’t like to come into the right-hand side. So you may be worried about you may be having a flat head on one side.


The bigger impact could be that they’re not breastfeeding well because they’re only looking one way. So you might go in for treatment because the flatheads, you find out, is the neck. The treatment helps the baby look both ways and then the breastfeeding gets better.


So it’s quite important to know this about the flatheads, but it’s something to do with the neck and that could be affecting the feeding might be affecting their sleep as well. Maybe your baby doesn’t want to spend the whole night sleeping like this. Just like we wouldn’t spend a whole night sleeping with our heads fixed in one direction.


We would want to move it around and have freedom and start rolling around even when we were asleep. So that’s my key point in that the flathead is an indicator of maybe some tightness or stiffness and that can help lots of other things.

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