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Babies after a Planned C-section can actually be as grumpy as babies after a traumatic delivery. It’s a strange one as they haven’t had any contractions on them. But is your baby jumpy and ratty and fractious? Do they love curling up in a little ball? Do they hate laying on their back? Also, watch the Little Frog Baby BirthType video.

Watch this video to learn more about your Planned C-section Baby


Video Transcript:

Okay, so I want to talk about planned  C-sections.  Okay, so really actually very interesting and perhaps the opposite of what you might think so it’s easy for us to understand that if a baby has had forceps or from twos or has been stuck for a long time that they’re gonna take some of that trauma from the contractions and the forceps on their head but also getting pulled out so instead of in push out there pull down. Okay!  it’s easier to understand that your baby might be a little bit uncomfortable.


Let me tell you this planned C-section babies can be extremely ratty. Okay, lots of the work that I do and understanding how a baby is is based on the nervous system of the baby. This balance between the fight-or-flight nervous system and the parasympathetic which is calming and helps digestion. Okay,  so a traumatic delivery might put them a little bit more on their fight-or-flight side, the surprise and the shock of this delivery.

Okay, so think about this: a planned C-section baby that may have been asleep inside you and then out into the world out into that theater room into the hospital people looking at them like boom. 


Okay there’s that surprise and I like to call it it’s a surprise than like “whoa wake up you’re in the world” and they can take that in. Sometimes moms come in and say that even the surgeon that did the C-section and delivered the baby has said yeah they were a bit surprised when they came out and you know mum says that they can look at him and absolutely scream you know like what’s going on.


okay, so it’s interesting that this delivery these contractions these powerful contractions that are painful to wake that baby up and like come on you’re coming into the world and the plan C so she doesn’t have that has a bit more of a surprise so as always with everything I’m saying it’s just it’s educational.  


I’ve just seen this with the parents coming in so if you have to have a plan C-section you have to have one if you’ve chosen that you’ve chosen it no problem but now if your baby’s ratty and jumpy we’re gonna look after them and help you. 


So this planned C-section baby big jumpy there ratty they’re wired okay I always say it’ like it’s like your baby’s had three double espressos they’re buzzy they jumpy they don’t go into a deep sleep they’re light sleeper little noise jumps them up they’re switched on and buzzy their nervous system is like this so they’re also a little frog baby birth type. 


Okay, so you can go and have a look at that in the other section little frog baby birth type. That is a planned C-section baby they’re cold up in a ball. They were in a ball inside you like this they’re in a ball inside you and because they weren’t delivered through the birth canal and stretched out they are staying in a ball. Okay so they’re in a ball and then they’re taken out by a planned C-section. They stay in a ball so they don’t like laying flat so these planned C-section babies, little frogs always up on your shoulder you might have to sleep all night.


If you sleep they hopefully sleep while you’re holding them so you might be sitting up holding them because you don’t want to fall asleep in bed holding them. Okay, you’re worried about that so you’re sitting up in bed sitting up ,  on the sofa holding them up like this it’s the only way you can fully relax them cuz they’re comfortable in a little frog position.  


So they’re jumpy they can be tricky to feed because they’re also jumpy, flashing around you know trying to get on the breast for the breastfeeding so jumpy rushing around a little frog and they’re the planned C-section babies so these babies to help them it’s all about calming them with the gentle treatment that the baby massage or the cranial sacral therapy or the cranial Osteopathy calming to the nervous system. 


Another great way of calming the nervous system is through using probiotics to the digestive system, the digestion,  the gut,  the second brain so if you can calm the gut down it helps this communication with the tummy and the brain if there’s rumblings in the tummy. 


It will wake you up like you know if you were asleep and your tummy’s starting rumbling or you need to go to the loo you don’t sleep through that it wakes you up same for a baby.  


Okay so then if you’ve watched the other probiotic videos and the C-section videos you’ll know that these babies miss out on this bacteria as well through the birth canal so we give them the probiotics because they’ve had a C-section as well.  


Okay and then another layer on top of this if you had a C-section you got antibiotics.


Okay, so you’ve got a C-section and antibiotics where you need the probiotics to put the good bacteria back in.


Okay,  so in fact, it’s interesting a planned C-section baby is ratty, and jumping here I could do with some calming down. 


Okay there are little frog babies I have or watched that video so this is my explanation of a plan C such a baby it may match your baby and hopefully now you understand and it’s a bit more why they’re like that.


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