Baby BirthType: Hates Laying On Their Back Baby

So many babies hate laying on their back. They prefer their side or tummy. The problem is you are advised not to do this so you have a problem! These babies want to be held all the time. Often all night!

Have watch of this video to find out why this is and also watch my Little Meerkat and Little Frog videos to understand even more.


Video Transcript:


Does your baby hate lying on their back? 

They prefer lying on their side, or they prefer lying on their front.

So the common advice is that babies must lay on their back. So parents don’t like their baby laying on their side and they really don’t like their baby laying on their front.

But these are positions that often they are most comfortable in and what we’re looking at with this whole course is get into that cause, get into the root cause.

So you don’t have to get these sort of symptom relief type things with your baby. So for example, laying your baby or holding them all day on the front in this line post like this.

That’s a quick fix And I know you need a quick fix.You want to calm them down so that’s fine. You might want to do this, but by following everything in the course, making them happy,

This would require gentle physical treatment. You can take out this stiff arch and get them softer and then they can lay on the back.

So what you also need to watch is the little me cat baby and the little frog baby because these are the babies that don’t like laying on their back.

So a little frog baby has been born fast and they’re still going into this Froggy pattern.

What happens is the legs come up and they drop and they lay on their sides.

They don’t like their back because they’ve got to stretch out and they haven’t been stretched out by the delivery. So legs up, flop on side. That’s how they’re happy.

So really, you have to have some help to stretch them out and make them soft and comfortable.

Like this little me cat baby has had a delivery where they’ve been stuck, maybe four sets of one, twos, or even they’ve been down and engaged for a long time. So they have this stiff neck and they arch and throw themselves away. 

So they are like this. They also don’t like laying on their back because their back doesn’t want to soften in here.

These babies like being held on the front like this and you get them in the perfect position that they like.

They’re like this so you have to gently unwind them with the gentle treatment and then they’ll be able to soften and they’ll be able to lay on their back.

So this is the help that they need a little bit of encouragement, gentle, gentle treatment to unwind that little frog or the maker, and then they will lay on their back better.

And then they won’t hate lying on their back and prefer laying on their side or on their front.

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