Colic – The Truth

This is what you really need to know about colic so start by watching this video by Christian Bates


Video Transcript:

Hi! So in this video, I want to introduce colic to you and maybe some myths about colic. Does colic exist? You might see some people saying, no, it doesn’t.


Others have a definitive of a definition of it like 3 hours crying per day for three weeks, all this kind of stuff. Okay, I don’t ever look at that particular definition for colic because mums are coming in to see me. The baby’s crying all the time. The baby is in pain. The baby’s got wind.


They think they’ve got colic but bottom line baby is unhappy. Mum is unhappy because she doesn’t know what to do , baby is not sleeping.


Mum and dad are tired. So I think I’m talking to the converted here. You know what I’m talking about? Okay, so does colic exist? So it’s a decent word for a windy cry baby.


I think colic is wind, this is what is much more important. Colic is a symptom so there’s your baby it has colic. Okay, fine. That is not helpful to you at all. My baby has colic screaming, you want help and that’s what this course is all about.


Tons and tons of help for you. So colic is a symptom. This is where the idea of writing my book came from calming colic, the ten causes of colic.  You need to know the cause of your baby’s colic symptoms. When you know the cause, you can help them. And that’s what this, of course, is all about. Going through different causes, reasons for the cause, and then the help for your baby.


For example, wind and colic is scientifically proven to come from a change in gut bacteria. There are many things that change the balance the good, bad balance of the gut bacteria in your baby and we go through all of those in the course.


So if you have had one of those things happen, probably at delivery. Your baby’s gut bacteria is altered. They create more wind ,  the wind gets trapped colic. So in fact, that’s an important thing the trapped wind is painful.


If your baby is passing lots of wind, they can actually be quite happy babies wind is created. Wind passes through but they’re not screaming trapped wind ,  too much production of wind for a reason,  trapped wind for a reason. That is what this course is all about helping you understand the causes behind colic. Now I’m going to go into reflux and things as well.


So,  we’re going to cover loads and loads of stuff consuming and go through all the causes. So,  everything to the delivery we’re going to look at foods that you might be eating as a mum. If you’re breastfeeding, we’re going to look at stress and anxiety. If you’re a mum, we’re going through everything that I go through with a mom and a baby, a dad and a baby.


When they come in here and see me, it’s a great course. You’re going to learn absolutely tons of stuff to help your baby now and into the future. 


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