Is there a special hold to help all babies?

In one word “No”.


Video Transcript:


So, What holds is best for your baby?  What hold will calm them down? 


Okay, so none or perhaps one. But there it’s not one hold that is good for all babies. So it’s one of my slight pet peeves that some go “oh use the Lions hold that calms all babies down ”. Then have you seen the video of the doctor?  


I think who sets a baby up in this particular holds the baby’s screaming and then all of a sudden the baby goes quiet.  It’s had millions of views and it’s kind of like “wow there’s to cure for my crying baby”.  Okay, no cannot be,  I’m just saying this from my point of view of watching that video. 


Treating so many babies that cannot be true is not one thing there help all babies. If a baby is different there are multi factors. Okay, so a meerkat baby,  a baby that has a strong stiff neck that is characterized by being stuck in the birth canal may be having forceps up or ventouse. But it’s been coming down and been stuck and then comes out stiff like this these babies like to go back into this position.  


This is where they’re comfortable being back they will like the lion hold like this. So, you hold them like this they’re like to be held with their neck flopped back like this they want to go back into that arch. So, for a meerkat baby reads the meerkat lesson, they like to go back into this. 


So, any hold that takes them back like this, they’ll like for example the Lions hold. What we want is your baby to be comfortable however they’re being held up like I’m held up like this you want them lovely, floppy,  and to be comfortable with he’ll their how they’re held. So, those babies were like this hold.


Now, in the video of the doctor putting his baby, he put the baby into a lot of flexions this way fold then back up. So, he did this he folded them up here, and then he held them you know in a little ball like this. I think opposite of the hold I just told you about.  Now, babies that were like this are the little Frog baby birth types.  I call them the little frog, they might have had to be planned c-section or a very quick delivery where they’re in the fetal position like this.


They’re born very quick and then they pingback. So, they come back into a little frog or a planned c-section baby who is like this and then just comes out like this without any delivery food birth canal. So, they have stayed completely in a little frog position.


So, those babies want to pin back into a little frog. So, if you then hold them in this little frog position they’ll like that. Here’s the problem “Do you want to hold a baby all the time in the little frog position” ? or in the lines hold the position because you have to adapt to your baby because they like one particular position.  


So, in the middle of the night, you’ve got to hold them like this the whole time. It’s just a quick fix, it’s just that’s what I find.  So, know about the video were “oh my god this is the cure for a crying baby”. It’s just a quick fix you then have to hold them like that the whole time.  


We don’t want that, we want the baby to be happy laying on their back,  when you want to go off and have a shower or go to the loo you can put them on the floor on a mat. They can lay on their back happy all underneath their play gym, you can put them down there, you can go off,  and get yourself a cup of tea or something. To do that you do everything in this course we work on digestion.  


So, they’re less uncomfortable with the wind or colic. We work physically on the back, and the head using cranial sacral therapy or whatever you might want to choose.  You might want to see a cranial Osteopath. 


So, you make the spine soft. You make them calm and then they’re happy in whatever position they want to be in. So, take this for me there isn’t a single best hold at the moment. For you, there may be a great hold to using it.  


You’ve got to get the sleep, you’re going to get them to sleep, and you want them to stop crying,  you use that position. But the aim is to have them not need that single position and that is possible. If you take them for some treatment. 

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