MYTH: All formulas are the same

They aren’t!


Video transcript:

Okay, so another bit of advice. I completely disagree with and I disagree with what’s the advice that moms come in and tell me that they have heard from people. Okay, this one is that all formulas are the same so give your baby whichever one you want, okay.

So, straight off the top, currently I really like HiPP Organic. Before that, I liked Optimum. So now I tend to move babies to HiPP Organic. If you’re on Optimum, great. Sometimes I move to HiPP from there and babies still get better.

So, all formulas are not the same. It’s crazy. Look at the ingredients on the back. The ingredients vary and the precision that they’re in on that ingredients list varies, that means the makeup of all that formula is different. Moms come in and say they shake their bottle up, they can see more more powder in some, more bubbles in some. They can see the difference. You know that the thickness is different. An anti reflux formula is thick. PS, don’t use anti reflux. I don’t hardly ever advise cause it’s so thick and hard on the digestion, okay. So, don’t I don’t use that often.

Okay, so these formulas are different thicknesses and then I hear them say “…well, I’ve been told that actually these two formulas, they’re made by the same company in the same factory so they’re exactly the same…”, okay. I don’t care if they’re 1% the same across the board. I don’t care if they’re made in the same factory by the same company. They have different effects on your baby. Your babies are all different, okay. This is what’s more important. Every single baby is different so they will respond to that formula differently and on top of that, all the formulas are different.

Okay, so um I see this time and time again, it is worth the change. If you’re worried about your formula, it is worth the change so we have another video on changing up your formulas, um, okay.

So, as a nice little story about this, from this week, we had moved a baby on to HiPP Organic and they were doing way better. This baby had constipation and reflux and there is a link between constipation and reflux, okay. So, the baby was going every four, five days, changed it. The baby started pooing twice every day and up the other end, the reflux had calmed right down then the mom ran out of the formula that was working, in this case, HiPP Organic. She ran out, thought “…that’s fine…”, little experiment back to the other one before, went back for like three or four days. Guess what? No poos for three or four days, constipation pain, constipation winds and reflux got worse again. So, the constipation was triggering the reflux. So, went out, got the HiPP Organic again. Poos through, reflux down. A lovely lovely example, totally convinced the mom that the formula was and this particular formula worked better for her baby and she had been told it doesn’t matter what formula you have. They’re all the same, okay.

So, this is myth. They’re not all the same. Chop it and change it up, you might hit on the right one that your baby really suits.

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