How to use Optibac probiotics

How to get them into your baby to ease colic


Video Transcript:


Hi, Christian Bates here, author of Calming Colic. So what I wanted to do in this video is just quickly go through a few of my tips about using probiotics. So if you read my book or you look at the website, which is, a lot of helping your baby revolves around probiotics.


I use optibac for your baby. There are sachets, super easy to use.  So here’s just a quick guide on it. If you’re breastfeeding, then you take these as the mum and you will pass the good bacteria through to your baby, through your breast milk. 


One sachet once a day, water, juice, not a hot drink, but they barely taste. And just get that down once a day and you’ll pass that good bacteria through to your baby. A lovely way of giving them a healthy tummy, healthy start to life, then what I do is there’s a month supply in there.


If you’re bottle-feeding your baby with formula, then one sachet, once a day in one of the formula feeds, is that easy. And then they’ll get all the lovely good stuff through here. Okay. Occasionally, if the mum has had quite a lot of antibiotics herself or has IBS or tummy issues, which is a cause of colic, as I’ve written about in my book.


So if you read the book, you’ll know this, then I might give the baby their own. So maybe in a bottle, if the mum is expressing and then the mum gets some herself. Okay, so the mum gets her good bacteria back, and then she can still breastfeed some through in each feed.


But if there is a bottle or an express bottle in there somewhere, we might give the baby all of their own as well. So the baby gets hit, the mum gets it. So we’re looking after mum and baby.


And if you’ve read of my stuff, then we know it’s mum and baby that we always look after. Okay. So how to come off of them? You do it for a month and then mum said to me, should I do it again?


And what I usually say is, go a few days without using them. Is your baby still good? Maybe stay off them. If the symptoms come back, they get a bit called a key gain.  They do another box.


 So if you’ve had a C section and then you get antibiotics at the C section and then you’ve had another load of antibiotics and you kind of had three hits onto the tummy for the colic baby. So you might need another box or three boxes. But see how it goes.


The whole point is to have your baby off of them because we establish the gut bacteria back, we get them good. It’s not something you have to necessarily continuously take, which we’re trying to fix their tummy. So we fix and then we leave alone. All good. Okay.


So that’s quick tips, a few rundowns on how to use the optibac and there’s is the daily one for adults. Okay? This is how I use them. If you have any questions, any little nuances in there that you want to know a bit more about, then just email me or a Facebook message. Thanks.

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