How long do you use probiotics for?

A common question asked. 


Video Transcript:


When I’m using probiotics with mum and baby, I always get asked, how long do you stay on them? And I think this question comes from mums thinking that perhaps the drops are kind of an instant fix then. So your baby babies crying, you put them in and they have the baby’s better then and there. So that isn’t how they work. Remember, we’re going for the cause.


We’re getting the good bacteria reestablished in the gut because it’s been changed for a reason. For example, antibiotics. So we’re establishing that back and that can take a little bit of time. Now, the probiotics are supplements, so I want to get that across as a supplement. 


It’s not something that you take the whole time they go in, they fix, then we come out and we take them out.  So with all supplements like that, vitamin, C, B vitamins, multi, bump yourself up, short term, bump up, get better, and then you might be able to come off them. Okay, so there are arguments that we may have to maintain a certain level of them, even for the gut bacteria, because so many things in modern life continuously knock our gut bacteria down.


So maybe a nicer way might be to be regularly eating foods that nourish the gut bacteria instead of taking supplements. However, back to how long to take them for. What I do is they come in usually a month supply chops or the sachets, the powder, use the box.


Okay, so you’re going to do that. As for starters, you’re going to do that.  Then you might want to come off them.  Let’s see how your baby is.


Remember their supplements, we’re coming off them, fix baby come off them.  So you might want to come off them.  Then see how your baby is. Is the baby still good?  So are the poo’s better?  Is the wind better? Are the reflux or the crying and the upsetness and the lots of poo or constipation? Is that better? Does it stay better if you see that start to drift back?


Okay, so if you see more wind comes, the poos get worse, even more, runny or they get constipated, then you might want to do another box. Then you try again, then you do it again after the next box you come off, is your baby better?  And that’s basically how I do it to know if we’ve done enough with the probiotics to come off. It’s common sense, isn’t it? It’s obvious.  


You stop taking them or your baby stopped taking them, your baby gets worse again. They were better on them. So do them again. But you’re trying to come off them because it is a supplement. So this is so dependent on many things as to how long it might take the baby before you feel that they’re better.


If you had a C section, for example, you would have a C section and antibiotics. Did you just have antibiotics? Did you have Csection plus antibiotics? More antibiotics later. How many times have you had antibiotics for how long? How strong were they? 


So those little nuances will make everyone an individual. For how long it might be that you’re only giving your baby half the sachet or half the dose so it goes a bit longer. So there are variables within there to pay attention to. But that’s my general way of knowing how long to take them.


You take them to come off, How’s your baby? Do you want to give them again? Because the symptoms started to come back. But you’re always trying to come off them when you think the baby is better. I hope that helps with dosing and how long it’s you take the probiotics.

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