Probiotics for mum and baby

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Just want to go through a particular way of prescribing probiotics. That’s slightly different. I have been doing this more and more because I believe in having to be the mum, you healthy as well as your baby and almost your health mirroring your baby’s health. It’s quite amazing.  


The more I look into it, just this mirroring of you and your baby. So although you’ve given birth outside of you now, I would consider them as still as so attached and part of you. It’s just pretty amazing. So probiotics for baby. If you’re breastfeeding, you take them yourself. If they’re having a formula or express so using a bottle, one sachet per day to the baby. 


These back ones come like this as a sachet, one of these once per day. Okay. Now, there are big reasons to have the C section, antibiotics, things like that. If you, as the mum had antibiotics so you’re decreased as well, then I often add in the mum, you having your own probiotic. And I’ll explain why. Say if, for example, let’s do breastfeeding and formula feeding, it applies both times.


If you’re formula feeding, you want to use the probiotics formula or express, you’re going to use probiotics in the bottle. But if you got antibiotics, then we want to fix you, don’t we?  We want you to be healthy.


We’re not just looking after the baby the whole time and I know you’re tempted to do that. So this looks after the baby and then we’ll look after you as well. After you’ve had antibiotics, you should always take the probiotics to put all the good stuff back in you anyway. So if you have had them as a mum, then I would definitely take them yourself anyway, even if you are formula feeding, fix yourself. 


Now, here’s the interesting thing. The baby will still be picking up their bacteria from you. So cuddles skin to skin kisses is still transferring some bacteria to them. So we still want you to be brimming with good bacteria. Okay, so let’s do the breastfeeding example you’ve had as a mom.


You’ve had antibiotics, so your tummy has kind of been knocked out. The good stuff in there has been knocked out by the antibiotics and your breastfeeding. So one, you breastfeed the antibiotics across your baby and then the baby gets tummy stuff going on. Maybe they get a bit constipated or they’re doing more commonly, they’re doing loads and loads and loads of poos every day or something like a couple of big poo and then loads of little watery ones.


So every nappy is dirty. That’s an antibiotic baby birth-type tummy.  So you’re going to take these, you’re breastfeeding.  So you take the probiotics and you breastfeed them through.  However, the strain of probiotics here is particular for the baby.  


So this is the question that I haven’t seen answered in research yet.  If you take this, how much goes to your baby?  I don’t know the quantity that gets through to your baby. I 100 percent know it gets through to the baby and it helps the baby okay but if you’ve had antibiotics what if your body is thinking these are good I’m going to keep some of these for myself and not pass as much to the baby.  


I don’t know if that’s happened.  My observation is that sometimes that does happen because it may not be as effective as I thought because I  think the mum might be just grabbing hold of it.  Now bear in mind this is the baby strain so I’m not 100% sure on this but to cover all bases I sometimes have the mum take hers as well so she’s taking the baby ones and the adult ones. 


So in my mind, these ones are for the mum, this one’s for the baby.  You are going to let your body sort it out.  We are not clever enough to figure out what your body is doing because your body knows I hope your body goes right these go to breast milk to the baby and I’ll keep hold of these me and I’ll make my tummy better so then not only are you passing these to your baby but you’re building up your own gut bacteria back and we know that your gut bacteria is what actually gets into to your baby so double whammy double protection you and baby and this is the kind of safe side making sure we really help both of you.

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