MYTH: The Fourth Trimester


MYTH: The Fourth Trimester




Hey! Mums I absolutely want to do a video on the fourth trimester, so it’s in my myths of colic section now.  I do believe in the full trimester, I like the Name.

It’s the time when your baby’s new to the world and they need a lot of attention from you. However it can be used as one of these excuses to you for anything that your baby is doing this hard work, so you might hear um all babies cry a lot especially in the fourth trimester.


All babies want to be cuddled all the time because it’s the fourth trimester, so if you have looked at all of the stuff on and my videos on, here you’ll see how I break these things down into smaller um sort of bite-sized bits of info that can help you with your baby.

So remember we look at the delivery, we look at the tummy and then we can look at stress, these things that can cause your baby to cry, so the fourth trimester isn’t in there, it isn’t one of these because that would be a normal thing like all babies do cry um if they’re hungry or babies do cry if they got phooey nappy, but all babies don’t cry if there’s something else going on,

So many moms say to me “but my baby cries more than all the others”,  my baby wants to be held all night, that’s hard work so for someone to say to you, don’t worry it’s the fourth trimester like, but I’m holding my baby upright all night. we’re exhausted I can’t put them down. that could be something to do the delivery.

okay so things that aren’t the fourth trimester a traumatic delivery that’s making your baby, you know a stiff, little me cat baby or a planned C-section where they’re a froggy baby and then that that espresso baby birth type where they’re buzzy.


Those things or did you baby get antibiotics do they get a load of antibiotics and they’re pooing ten times a day and they’re windy and they’re in pain. With that, that’s not fourth trimester, that’s antibiotics causing them to have an upset tummy and colic and it’s something that can be helped, so there’s all of these things that aren’t necessarily in the fourth Trimester.


So ask me questions leave me a comment and I’ll try and get back to you and I’ll give you a hand ,but it’s um not always the fourth trimester.


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