My online colic course

My online colic course




Hey parents Christian Bates here, you probably got here from my Instagram page.

Maybe you have watched some of my videos, I hope you like my videos.


You can always email me, message me on Instagram and I’ll produce a video for you, if

you’ve got a question I haven’t answered.


However I’ve answered virtually all of your questions. Before I’ve been seeing mums and babies and dads for over 20 years and I try and answer all of the questions in the video, and believe it or not you ask me the same questions like, why is my baby crying and then i try and answer those in these videos to make it easier for you.


So on this page, this page is about the kind of online course or solution whatever you want to

call it which is basically a page with all my videos on all the most important videos,  one of the questions that I’m asked most often and they’re all on one page.


So most of these videos are on the website but they’re all over the place so I’ve organized them into easy sections for you and you can just go through and watch them and get the quickest solution to help your baby.


Look below this video and you’ll see all the sections I’ve got and how many videos there are. there’s loads of videos in all the eBooks I’ve written, the book is calming colic, the books in there, loads of help eBooks everything on this page and that is this package. 

This online colic solution as I call it um so this is the kind of easiest way to help your baby um and I hope it helps you if you purchase this. and then you’ve got questions about your baby please message them across and I can direct you through to the best video to help your baby as quickly as possible.


 thank you

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