Introduction to my website

Watch this video for a quick “how to” guide to using my website.


Introduction to my website


Video Transcript: 


Hey mums and dads, uh I’m Christian Bates, uh thanks for coming to my website. I’ve been helping babies for over 25 years. 

So this is just a quick video of how to use my website. So the main thing on here are videos. This may be the best way to help you with pretty much every question I’ve been asked over the last five or ten years.  


I put in a video and I’ve answered it for you. I’m also very open to you asking me questions so Instagram is a great place to get hold of me because you’ll find my daily videos on there.


Those daily videos come from babies that I’ve seen on that day I’ve been asked a question and I think I’m going to put that in the video and then I’ll put that on Instagram and Facebook.


So message me on Instagram no problems at all. So there’s actually over 100 videos on the website, so what you want to do is look down the videos and see which ones are appropriate for you and your baby and I’ve named the videos so they’re easy for you to know that they help you.


So for example did you have a C-section? Did you have a plan for a C-section? Did you have antibiotics? So check those out and just look down and just learn from them.


Lots of them are explaining why your baby might be like they are very stiff, are they very foggy, do they have ten poos a day, do they have one poop every five days and it’ll explain why and how to help them.


Okay so that’s kind of my guide now all the videos on the website, you kind of got to look for them a bit.


The couple of things that are to be paid for on the website are probiotics and also my colic online solution. That is one page with all the videos on, put into sections that are easier for you. So if you’ve got a windy baby windy baby section have the baby got reflux reflux section.


Cow’s milk protein allergy section colic section, section on deliveries, section on formula feeding, breastfeeding difficulties, tips for your foods that you should eat when you’re breastfeeding.


That’s all on there and it’s just in sections and all of my eBooks so there’s like seven eBooks.


So if you’ve heard, to read most of this stuff is readable and you can download those for free and there’s food plans and all sorts of stuff on there pretty much all of that is on the website.


As for the website structure, you kind of have to find it on there but if you want to shortcut onto something much easier then that’s the online collect course which is in the shop.

But I just want to put across to you that there’s tons of videos on there that you can watch now.

And please message me on Instagram seems to be working now because I can get back to you pretty quick.

Okay I hope that helps and I really look forward to helping you and your baby.


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