What BirthType “pattern” is your baby?


What BirthType “pattern” is your baby?




Hi, so in this video I will tell you about the baby birth types, this is something that I’ve invented.

Observed seeing these babies it’s patterns that babies fit into and there’s an overlap so um your baby could be in a few of these baby birth types and they tend to be to do with the delivery mainly and that time around the delivery.


So I’ll go through a few here and I’ll put a link on this video to the page where all of the babies are in there, so the pattern little me cut baby, stiff strong neck from a delivery where they’ve been stuck they might have had forceps on one twos so they’re like this stiff and strong little frog baby loves being up on the shoulder curled up in a ball. 


Usually a planned C-section or fast delivery, a traumatic delivery can be a combo you could have the stiff and strong upper neck like this but then as they maybe get pulled out or the last bit’s quick they get a little froggy leg still so you’ve got froggy legs with a stiff strong baby strong neck baby.


Here antibiotics baby birth type a baby that’s hair antibiotics they have dodgy tummy colic reflux absolute classic is one or two decent foods a day lots of little watery poos that baby is upset and grunted and groaned doing. So you’ll get all this pain pain pain wind not much comes out if you can get big poop then okay it’s probably worth a little bit of grunting so that’s an antibiotic baby birth type um espresso baby butter baby that’s like they’ve had too many cups of coffee, they’re just buzzy and they they won’t settle down so you’re getting to sleep because you’ve got to rock them you’ve got to actively calm them rocking the whole time you’re going to put them down they wake up.


That kind of baby um what else we got we got um the little koala baby baby that’s just got to be held the whole time the cross over there is into the meerkat or little frog baby

particularly makeup babies because they want to be held with their head flopped back like this so then

when you get them asleep you’re going to put them down which brings their head forward and they’re like oh they don’t like that position so it’s all koala baby got to be held the whole time.


So I’ll put the link on here to the baby birth types have a look around and see which baby’s yours so um for example little meerkat baby is also the strong neck baby, little frog baby is the baby that likes to be held up in a little frog so look at the description and then they’re just names that i give them because actually they’ve all come from parents coming in and oh I’ve got this name for a baby so that’s where they’re coming from so have a look let me know your baby and then uh what baby birth type they are and then i can help you out.



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  • Jennifer Connolly

    September 22, 2022 at 12:28 am

    Hey Christian I can’t see the link for the list of all baby birth types. If you could please send to me that would be great.
    Jen 🙂

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