Probiotics and infacol difference


The difference between probiotics and infacol.






So I want to do a video on the difference between probiotics and infacol or sort of colic calm or some of those wind type drops that you get. So and it’s a question i get asked a lot they are different okay, so the infacol is all about binding all the bubbles in here so the baby can burp up a bigger piece of wind, I think that the babies get in trouble with infacol because if they group the bubbles together to get a bigger bit of wind, and it doesn’t burp up they’re in pain so it’s trapped wind that causes pain if they’ve got a lot of wind, but it’s coming up or down and out, they’re probably not in pain.

if it’s trapped it’s colic or if it’s trapped up here it’s some silent reflex pain thing.  okay so infacol helps, It’s like a symptom relief so you’re doing something to get rid of the wind. The probiotics are not different from the probiotics.

What we’re trying to do with them is stop the wind production in the first okay, babies are going to get some wind but if they’ve had antibiotics or C-section. C-section at antibiotics the gut bacteria is not okay then um you might get too much bad bacteria and that is breaking down the milk wrong and it’s producing wind so that’s right at the base level and the probiotics are trying to fix that. when you’ve got the wind the infacol and things are trying to help it like symptom and superficial symptom and get that out. now if it works use it using info is like wind in your baby. You know you’re trying to get the wind up, the probiotics are trying to fix that bottom level cause level because it’s this sort of really decent way of helping. it’s a bit slower. It does not drop in and at that moment they work infacol does that but it’s quicker but more superficial, but the probiotics are longer but a really nice fix and there’s research that the antibiotics can change the baby’s bacteria for a long time afterwards.


So even if you you know you’re burping using it for cold wind in your baby and in 12 weeks they’re a bit better has that bacteria really come back and remain solid for their future health so there’s a difference, that’s the difference but you can use them together they they’re that different it doesn’t matter and the probiotics are usually only one bottle a day, so you’re using the info call throughout the day so there’s only one bottle they don’t clash and you can use them because they’re different.

Okay I hope that answers your question please send me some more questions no problems and I’ll make videos on your questions



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