Colic and your baby’s nervous system


Does the nervous system play a role in colic. Here’s some research showing it does.




Okay, so amazing research to tell you about um which is about colic and excessive crying in babies and their nervous system.

so if you’ve watched my videos or been on the website you see that I have these um baby birth types, one of them is an espresso baby, this buzzy baby as if um they’ve had or as if we’ve had too much coffee before bed and you go to bed you’re tired you want to sleep but this espresso all this coffee is keeping you buzzy.

okay so there’s babies that are buzzy they can’t switch off so they’re just on so they’re asleep you go to move them they wake up and usually plan C-section babies or traumatic delivery or some sort of stress. okay so you can check out those other birth types little meerkat, plan C-section babies, so there’s a fuzziness in the nervous system that you want to calm down and for that you could do.

I use cranial osteopathy, you could do baby massage stroking skin to skin and the can be very sucking so they’re trying to calm themselves. they’re always on you so they’re these sucky babies not hungry okay linking all of these baby birth types here everything I’ve mentioned is on go over there and just keep watching through these videos to understand your baby as well.

So on to the research what they did they took the babies and they were, they were doing like scans to see their brain activity and what they did they stimulated the baby with a smell so nice easy way just stimulate them with the smell and then they watch their brain the babies with colic their brain lit up, okay the babies without colic that didn’t happen, but the babies with colic they were absolutely like buzzy, their brain just went for it so the nervous system was really active and they said that 48 of the crying was due to this buzziness. However they figured that out by comparing it to non-colic babies and they said that the nervous system had greater reactivity. I bet you can tell this in your babies because they’re buzzy and wired and they’re just they’re upset aren’t they?

They’re crying, they’re screaming, okay so this shows that there’s a nervous system part now if you have a look at um the way I describe how you help your baby with this kind of triangle this triads. we’ve got the physical part which is the delivery then we’ve got like the chemical, we’ve got the tummy part that’s antibiotics C-section helping with probiotics and then here we got the stress part.

Okay the nervous system buzzy part this is exactly what I’m talking about so what I have been going on about from observing with babies is kind of this bit of research shows that i was on the right line I’m on the right line it’s true the baby’s nervous system is buzzy so we look at these parts um the delivery the tummy the nervous system okay and then you can use the cranial osteopathy to calm the delivery, to calm the nervous system. the probiotics help the tummy okay so this is one of the best bits of research I’ve ever read it is showing that a colic baby’s nervous system is buzzy I’ve done so many videos on this I could go on and on so please do go through the videos have a look at the video where I explain about this kind of baby triad this triangle of how to help your baby.


Look at the delivery ones look at the tummy and the antibiotics and the probiotics one watch the calming ones about the nervous system it’s all fitting together your baby might have lots on the delivery because you might have a traumatic delivery, you might have lots on the nervous system because of a planned C-section you might have lots on the tummy section because of antibiotics. So I tend to look at babies holistically trying to help them on all of these angles, but lots of babies might be more on one than the other but most babies are a little bit of everything so on this nervous system one that we’re talking about here a big part of that is how you felt as the mum at delivery.


so if you’re really stressed out with the delivery not going gray that stress the baby picks up on that and then the baby can come out Buzzy then once they’re born if you are then stressed because the baby is crying is colic and is refluxy then the baby picks up on that so that’s all of that section as well and I’ve got lots of videos.

There’s an amazing video on reflux and the stress so take all that into account to calm the baby. leave me some comments ask me some questions this is getting i guess a little bit complicated but I’m really excited about this because it proves what I’ve been trying to get across to you and but we need obviously you need to help your baby and calm them down so go to

Just work your way through the videos and then ask me questions on here okay I hope this is Interesting and explains a bit about why your baby is crying and colic.


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