The Little Espresso Baby BirthType

Is your baby buzzy, ratty and a light sleeper that wakes so easy? You have to hold them and move them to keep them asleep.




hey mums Christian Bates here on for lots of help with your baby.

So today I’m going to tell you about the little espresso baby,

This is one of my baby birth types and they’re patterns of groups that I see that I put babies into which help me, help them. 


so the little espresso baby is like a wired buzzy kind of stress baby.

A bit different from say a colicky baby or a baby that’s had a forceps 

slight um changes but they’re a bit stressy,they’re buzzy they don’t go into a deep sleep, so one of those babies where you hold you go to move them and they wake up straight away, you can just see that they’re generally irritated is probably usually from like a traumatic birth so yes four sets one twos being stuck can be from a planned C-section as well where they come out with a surprise and they’re buzzy that’s the little espresso baby,

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