The Little Meerkat and reflux

This common baby type suffers a lot with reflux. I call them a Little Meerkat baby, their main characteristic is having a strong neck. Watch my video.


Video Transcript:

I want to tell you about a common presentation of a baby, a baby birth type, as I call them, that seems to aggravate reflux.  So you want to listen to the meerkat baby birth type lesson. So these meerkat baby birth types are stiff babies that have a strong neck. So you might think that your baby’s neck is very strong and they’re up like this.

And when you hold them, they throw themselves away from you and they arch like this. So I call those a meerkat baby. These babies do seem to get more reflux. So what does this mean to you?

It means that hopefully if you were to have some of the gentle baby treatments that are available, you can soften them off and then the reflux gets better. And I do see this. This is true, it works. But of course, as with everything in this course, there’s not always one reason.

There could be multiple factors to look at. But if you have a baby that arches a lot like this, you can picture that as their belly becomes full of milk and then they’re arching backward, they’re almost mechanically pushing this sick and the milk back up. And some of the arches so much, if you And some of their arch so much if you

So, you know, if you have a reflux baby that you want to hold them upright for longer to allow that digestion to happen. But if you’ve got this Meerkat arching baby, it’s even more than that, because not only are they laying down like this, they’re arching back like this so you can see it’s even kind of downhill. So very easy to picture that the milk might vomit or reflux back up.

So just one part of the picture, you’re very worried about them having reflux. You got no idea why this could be one of the reasons why. So a piece to the puzzle, is this mechanical and structural alignment from your baby, making them arch and making that milk reflux easier.

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