Constipation and reflux

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So I want to tell you about a link between constipation and reflux. Now, this was something that I noticed in the babies that I was seeing in the clinic. And as I always do, I dug into the research and I found that there was a link between constipation and reflux, which was that basically reflux or constipation seemed to make reflux worse.


Okay, from my point of view, this is pretty obvious. If a baby is constipated, then there is more poo building up in the belly. So you’ve got increased pressure in the belly. So let’s take it to another stage.


That wind could be doing this. If the baby is very windy, colicky. Then again, more reflux in here.  Sorry, more wind in there, more poo in their constipation, and aggravating reflux. So it’s mechanical.


Again, just think of it as more pressure in the belly, literally pushing up and creating less space for the tummy, almost making the tummy smaller. And then as the milk comes down, it’s so much easier for that to reflux out. Okay. It’s good to know that.


It’s good to understand because the reflux is so tricky and you’ve got no idea why.  But like I said, with all things, a piece of the puzzle could be that your baby is constipated or very colicky or has a hard, big, swollen tummy. Okay, so this is my point and how to help those other things. 


You may not be able to directly get in there and help the reflux, but can you get your baby not constipated? If they’re going for a poo every three, four, five days, can you get that down to daily poo? So they’re continuously moving this poo out? Can you help the wind?  


So there’s less wind pressure in there, and then we will naturally see the reflux come down. So I’m saying, can you? Yes, you can. So you may have already gone through and seen all the help that I have on here, but this is what this course is about. The help for that is there you can help them not be constipated and poo more quickly. You can decrease the wind so there’s less wind production and have the wind coming out easier, too. So, as you probably know, and hopefully you do by now, probiotics really help that.  


And does you maybe have the causes behind that? Was there a C section? Was there antibiotics or is there a stressful delivery? These are the things that are behind. 


So those delivery patterns trigger the changing gut bacteria, which triggers the extra wind, the constant the patient, and that might be triggering the reflux. So come back, come back, come back, find the cause, fix the cause, and hopefully, we see the reflux get better.

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