Reflux medication change your baby’s gut bacteria

So you need to fix this


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This video is in the reflux section because it’s about something called PPI, which is Proton pump inhibitors. And this is a medication that is given to babies if they’re reflux.  So Ranitidine and Omeprazole have the action of suppressing the acid so you don’t have acid reflux.


 And I’m quoting out some research and they found that the PPIs altered the baby’s microbiome. Ok, have you watched enough videos on the microbiome, the baby’s gut bacteria play a role in them having colic now and other things in the future? Okay, so if your baby’s got reflux and they’re on a PPI, like when it’s seen on Repsol on a PPI, like when it’s seen on Repsol and it’s great and it’s working for you, fine.


Do what’s best for your baby and I can’t contradict what your GP has told you to do. So you go with that, be aware it changes the gut bacteria. And that’s what this whole course is about is to improve your baby’s gut bacteria.


Okay, so we’re using Probiotics to correct that and give them better future health. To add to the list of reasons to use a Probiotic with your baby. And that is if you are on a protein pump inhibitor, Niccine or meat result, or something that is being used to help their reflux. So you have another reason to use the probiotic.

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  • Lucy Edwards

    March 2, 2022 at 10:33 am

    So helpful to hear this! My 5 week old silent-refluxy-gassy-unsettled baby boy is on his second day of omeprazole and he hasn’t had a pooey nappy since. I tried giving him pro-biotics for a few days couple of weeks ago but no symptom
    improvement and very loose green explosive nappies so I stopped. Seems like a re-introduction of the pro-booties now he’s on a PPI would be beneficial?!? For me too I guess as he’s breastfed.

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