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Do you have a hungry baby?

In the book Calming Colic I have a section on the hungry baby. Often I find that there is a confusing mix between colic, hunger and comfort feeding.

This piece of research (referenced below) measured the macronutrient intake of mothers and then measured the macronutrients content of their breast milk over a 24 hour period. The conclusion is what I find interesting:

“The association between milk protein intake and the breastfeeding frequency suggests that the protein intake may play a role in infant appetite control.”

This is something I have said to mother’s for a long time; that if they have a “hungry” baby who doesn’t get on with the hungry baby formulas then they should increase their own protein and fat intake (when breast feeding). Many mothers are rightly overwhelmed and rushing around with their newborn and a common staple when asked seems to be toast. Many mothers also mention that because they want to keep their own and their babies energy up they will not hold back on biscuits, cake and pasta because they want plenty of carbs.

I explain this to them; Yes carbs are energy and in a sense you are right in eating carbs although these aren’t the healthiest carbs! But.. a baby is growing, it’s muscles, bones, and nervous system are growing incredibly fast and these are made mainly from protein and fats. A mother MUST have plenty of protein and fats in her diet otherwise the baby will strip them of their of protein and fat stores. Guess where the fat in breast milk will come from? The mother nervous system and brain! Are you finding yourself a bit forgetful after giving birth?

Many cultures around the world as investigated by Dr Western Price gave the pregnant and breast feeding mother the pick of the food the culture or tribe had to share. And the “prize” foods in traditional diets were high in vitamins A and D (seafood, cod liver oil, organ meats, egg yolks and butterfat from grass-fed animals) and bone broths.

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