How to help your colic baby with a holistic approach

How to help your colic baby with a holistic approach. This means using a gentle physical treatment, helping calm their nervous system and addressing tummy issues like colic. This allows you to get your baby calm, content, smiling and sleeping now and be healthy into the future.

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Hey parents um so I want to talk about

my holistic approach to helping your

baby that’s what my whole online course

is about now the only thing online

course doesn’t have is my Hands-on

Physical treatment which I do here in my

clinic in Sussex in England

um that’s why I actually use the cranial

osteopathy to help the babies that come

and see me however I get asked questions

from literally all around the world

which is fantastic so although I can’t

do the Hands-On bit I might be able to

help you find a cranial osteopath in

your country near where you live the

course has everything else that I use in

here to help the babies we talk about

probiotics antibiotics

what the delivery has kind of done to

your baby how it affects them so they

hate laying on their back they’re jumpy

they’re stiff and arching like this I

help you understand why that’s all


but I would normally unwind them with my

treatment okay so you don’t have that


but we talk about allergies

changing formulas

help with breastfeeding tips about how

to calm your baby

from you how you are you being calm to

calm your baby so I cover huge amounts

of foods that you might eat if you’re

breastfeeding so there’s tons of stuff

in there to help your baby now but also

to help their health in the future

actually because lots of this stuff if

you if you fix their colic which has gut

issue but actually healthier in the


so it’s got everything in it part of my

hands on treatment

there’s one of the courses in there has

access to me on Whatsapp that works

really well I can kind of catch up with

you through the day between sin and

babies here I don’t mind doing things in

the evening and that as well so we can

have quick exchange on the WhatsApp I

can point you and guide you into the

direction of the videos because I pretty

much done a video on every issue going

the way it works is if a baby comes in

and tells me at a month tells me

something about that baby and like it’s

not in the course I do a video like put

it in the course constantly updates with

everything that I’m learning from babies

so the videos in there are from 25 years

of my experience of treating babies

I’ll guide you around that so you can be

quick on helping your baby you text me

I’ll ask you

um about the delivery and I can just say

right you’ve got to watch that video

that video that video and they’re the

ones that will help your baby so it can

take everything I can possibly do to

help you you just don’t have my hands on

treatment but I might be able to help

you find someone close to you that can

help your baby all right I hope that

helps if you’ve got any questions

leave me some comments I’ll get back to

you thanks

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