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Take my colic quiz. Each question specifically relates to a reason your baby has colic, reflux, is crying and won’t sleep. The more “yes” answers you have the more likely they are upset. Here’s the good bit. There is also a way to help each one so your baby can be in less pain, be content and calm, have less wind and sleep better.

All of the questions in my quiz relate to a cause of colic and a crying, upset baby. Basically, if you answered yes to any of the questions then your baby can be helped.

In my book “Calming Colic – How To Help The 10 Causes Of Colic I cover all of these points and ways to help your baby and explain why your baby is upset.

It’s nice to understand why they are upset so you don’t feel so helpless.

You can download a PDF of my book immediately below.

If any of these are relevant to you then my book will really, really help you and your baby!

  • Your baby has wind or colic?
  • Your baby has reflux?
  • Your baby seems to be screaming in pain?
  • They are excessively crying for no reason you understand?
  • They are clean, fed and have slept and are still crying?
  • Your baby hates laying on their back?
  • You have to hold them all the time?
  • You are having breastfeeding issues and think it’s YOUR FAULT (it’s not, it’s usually something to do with your baby’s delivery)?
  • You have a good side and a bad side breastfeeding?
  • They are constipated?
  • Your baby has loads and loads or small, watery poo’s?
  • The advice you are getting varies from every person that gives it to you?
  • You have been told to wait until your baby is 12 weeks old and they will be better. BUT, you don’t want to wait OR they didn’t get better!?
  • You’ve been told “All babies cry” and that’s the help you get but you know something is wrong with your baby and they are in pain?
  • You feel helpless, don’t know what’s wrong with you baby and need help!?

Reviews from happy mums

“My baby was born premature and every since he was 3 weeks old he’s had reflux, colic, an intolerance to dairy & he didnt sleep for more than an hr at a time, when he was 8 months old I made an appointment with Christian (in desperation) 4 appointments later my baby is a calm happy smiley baby who now sleeps through the night his reflux is a lot better & he’s starting to tolerate very small amounts of dairy & best of all he’s settles now in his car seat & pram meaning we can go out more but even more importantly we have a very happy family unit.”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Christian for helping us with our baby girl! She was born by elective c-section as she was breach, and she screamed after every feed since birth (what we later learned was acid reflux) I took her to three different doctors who didn’t know what the problem was and said it was cows milk protein allergy, so I gave up dairy as I was breastfeeding. The screaming just got worse though until finally a health visitor suggested trying cranial osteopathy. She’s a completely different baby now, she sleeps through the night whereas before bedtime wasn’t until 5am, and she’s so much calmer. No more screaming after feeds either. I wish I’d booked her in sooner as I could have saved us both weeks of sleep!”

“Amazing experience, can’t thank Christian enough. My now 8 week old son is a smiling happy boy. The 30 min sessions were relaxed for both me and my little boy, got wonderful advice that made all the difference as well as the treatment Ben received. I can’t recommend Christian highly enough. Thank you!”

“Yet again Christian is a miracle worker!! When I had my son 4 years ago with just four appointments he cured his colic. My daughter was born 13th Dec last year and at 3 weeks colic set in. I instantly booked to see Christian and again he made her better. 3 sessions and I got a beautiful happy baby girl back and can now enjoy her.”

“Couldn’t recommend Perrymount clinic enough! Christian who worked on my 6 month old son, who was waking every 30-60 minutes through out the night for months! It got so bad, he wouldn’t nap during the day and was generally a grumpy boy.
We’ve just competed our 3rd session and he is now sleeping through the night!! Napping and generally a much happier baby. Coming to you guys was my last resort and almost desperation, never did I expect such amazing results.. I really can’t thank you enough!!”

“I took my 7 week old son to Christian after hearing about cranial osteopathy through my NCT group. It was the best decision I have ever made!

Prior to his 3 treatments, he was never content and always seemed to be in a great deal of pain. Doctors said it was colic but the symptoms didn’t seem to match and nothing I was trying to reduce colic was helping. It was distressing as first time parents seeing our baby in pain and it was also stressful for us as we were losing confidence when taking him out.

We noticed a difference after 1 treatment and after 3 it was like we had a different baby! He is less stiff, going to the toilet regularly and rarely cries unless he is hungry. Now everyone comments about what a content baby we have, I just wish we had taken him to the Perrymount Clinic sooner. Thank you Christian!”

“I bought my baby to see Christian when he was 7 weeks old, he had reflux, colic and constipation and he would cry for hours on end. After being passed off by health professionals and seen as just an over anxious first time mum, Christian helped us to understand what was going on with our son and even after the first session we could see a huge change in him. He is now free from his constipation and reflux meds and is happy to be put down and lay on his back. He has gone from an extremely clingy and sad baby to calm baby with a huge smile! Thank you!”

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