Breast milk – It’s amazing properties

Fascinating research showing that breast milk feeds the good bacteria in the newborns gut and on top of that it actually adjusts as the baby gets older and has different bacteria present. Amazing!I acknowledge in my book that breast milk, because of it’s good bacteria content, can be preventative of colic. Much research has shown that colicky babies have different species and differing quantities of good and bad bacteria in their gut in comparison to non-colicky babies.

It follows then that a way to help colicky babies is to help this balance of beneficial gut bacteria in babies. This of course is just one approach, there are actually many others that are just as important is calming a distressed colicky baby.

Of course some mothers simply can’t breast feed for numerous reasons. In this case I find it beneficial to make the formula milk that is used instead a step closer to breast milk. For this
I advise the addition of a particular probiotic that is highly researched and can be safely used with babies. I have written about this and more colic help extensively in Calming Colic – How to help the 10 causes of colic.

Breastfeeding Benefits: Human Breast Milk Ingredient Adjusts to Optimize for Beneficial Gut Bacteria Over Time

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