Breastfeeding mums: Don’t replace one colic trigger food with another

Mums commonly try reducing dairy as their first attempt at looking at foods that are triggering colic in their baby. However, they often replace dairy with other foods that trigger colic! Have a watch.


Video Transcript:

This is another one of my tips for the foods that mum eats. If you’re breastfeeding and if you’re suspecting that the foods that you’re eating are going through to the baby and affecting the wind in the baby.  


Then we have a sort of stage process of starting easy and getting a bit deeper if we have to but we want to have the easiest one work first.  So,  it’s easier for you so for example quite a lot of the months that come in have gone dairy-free. 


It’s one of the first things that you read about to help the baby and it can be amazing sometimes it’s not quite as good and it’s not working.  As you’d hoped either it doesn’t work in you’re on the wrong on the wrong path through this or a common mistake is that you replace the dairy with another food group that can be quite windy at all . 


As well for example wheat so dairy is quite sticky and congesting Flemmi you know gunky eyes that’s my thought would be we’d be careful of dairy with that wheat and over too much carbs like sugar and wheat they’re quite wind producing they break down into wind so and the two major food groups that are easy to eat they’re all over the place and they’re basically all snacks are something to do with that.  


So, they’re very easy so if you are being really super good and you’ve cut down on your dairy but you have just replaced that with wheat bread cakes sandwiches biscuits you may have a windy baby because of that so you’ve got to be careful.  You’ve got to strike a balance and my tip would be to eat regularly so you don’t have to snack on these things get a bit of planning in there but don’t replace a bad food group a windy food group with the one that you have taken out. 


So,  are you doing that just be careful of that?  I’ve got the food planning resource section so have a look at that we’ve got the different swaptions of say if you’re removing the dairy then you might want to swap that out with some non-dairy milks or something make it all easier for yourself and then you won’t replace it with another food group that can cause wind. 

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