Breastfeeding mums: Colic worse at the weekends?

Strangely breastfed babies can be worse at the weekend. If this has happened to you then have a watch. Or… If your baby has been doing really well and then you have a strange one off day or two where they are really bad.


Video transcript:

Do you ever noticed that your baby becomes worse, becomes more colicky, more windy and has a more rumbly upset tummy at the weekend? I bring this video to you because I’ve seen this loads of times and I started to see a connection, babies were worse at the weekend and with anything with the babies. 


If you sort see patterns and connections, have a look at that and see what’s going on, what are you doing or not doing that repeats and then see if it makes the baby better or worse. So babies were frequently coming coming in and the mama like “Oh my god, we had the worst weekend,” and I figured out the weekend, okay, routine changes for one so the baby can get a bit upset with the different routine. You might be going out and the baby gets passed around and that can upset them. But if they become particularly windy and you’re breastfeeding, did you have a takeaway?  Did you have a curry, a Thai, a Chinese?  Did you eat differently? Big pizza, something like that.


Basically, it has all these foods that are kind of wind creating, you know lots of wheat or lots of dairy or spices. So, have a look at that, you may then be able to say, “Oh yeah, I had a really spicy Thai food at the weekend and the next day my baby was all full. Now you know. Now you know spices affects your baby through your breast milk. So,  keep it in mind if they really flare up at the weekend, have a check what you do at the weekend because usually the routine and the food at the weekend is different.

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