Breastfeeding mums: Don’t over eat one food

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Video Transcript:


So if we’re talking about a mom, what a mom eats if she’s breastfeeding because we’re wondering if, uh, the foods that she’s eating is triggering, um, conical reflux or winds or constipation or diarrhea in the baby. This is kind of the first place I go.


Stage one: I say to the mom, “Is there a food that you are overeating? A particular food that you know is your go-to grab food?” 


You’re tired. You might be stressed with the baby. You might have another child. You’re running around. You are not looking after yourself. You’re not eating so well and what you are eating is something that is right there to grab, really nice and easy. 


So what’s that food? Are you thinking of something now? Are you just going, “I am

smashing into chocolate all day”? I am making myself a bowl of cereal – breakfast, lunch,

dinner, snack. That’s all I’m doing because think about it. A bowl of cereals – wheat and dairy – at every single meal so you’re kind of overloading on it and there’ll be another, um, another lesson on food overload. 


So just have a think, it could be that food – that one thing, that you’re picking the unusual food that you’re going for – that could be the one that is overloading and going to your baby and creating some wind.

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