Breastfeeding mums: Look for good colic days and bad colic days

Has your baby’s colic been really good one day and then really bad another and you wonder why? Have a watch for a possible reason…


Video Transcript:

A nice tip if you are checking out your foods because you’re breastfeeding so you’re worried about the foods affecting the winds in your baby and that is do you look for good times. When your baby’s good and happy and then look for the bad times when they’re windy and colicky and

screaming and if you can vary your diet up enough to start to see these patterns.


Then you’ll be able to look at your diet and hopefully see the particular food that might be aggravating your baby.  So, for example say you’re suspecting it’s dairy okay and maybe you haven’t gone in fully dairy free and you’re not sure you wanna struggle with that. 


Okay,  I would say now that it’s easier than you think actually most moms come in and say it is easier than they think but say you’re thinking I’m going to cut I’m gonna half it I’m gonna cut down. Okay, try and half it according to your day so have it at breakfast and then don’t have it the rest of the day don’t have it throughout the whole day because then it will just be trickling into the breast milk and then you’ll always be feeding the dairy into your baby. 


So if you’re gonna have cereal with milk in the morning do that and they don’t have very for the rest of the day. Then,  you might be able to see your baby if there is aggravating your baby, you might see that your baby is more upset in the morning because you’ve had the milk in your cereal for breakfast.  


They’re a bit windy through here through these feeds then they get better and then they have a better evening because you haven’t had the dairy. So,  I’ve read quite a few bits of research that shows that the food particles are in the breast milk in three or four hours there’s going to be variation on that because it’s very everyone’s digestion is different like your digestion is different how fast you’re digesting it how fast it’s absorbing,  how fast that’s getting to your breast milk,  how much milk it takes to get get through to your baby. 


So there’s varying factors but we might be able to split the day up and if you have a windy baby and you have this great night well they’re not windy just think what do I have for dinner have a look at that dinner that dinners going to be in good.  That obviously didn’t trigger wind in them so do again repeat the dinner and then see if they’re good again or your baby goes crazy and kicks off through the night and they have been quite good. 


Have a look at your dinner, Did you overload something in that dinner that has made them worse through that night and you can do this on a sort of daily basis and then I have another video on did your baby get bad over the weekend because very often you change your foods up at the weekend and that a great sum for the whole weekend but split that down into the day and see if you can track down what free group it might be.

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