New mums: Eat a balanced diet

This sounds like common sense! But eating a good balanced diet when looking after a new baby with colic or reflux can be very challenging. But I want to help you with this as the rewards are great for you and your baby. Even some nice science has showed the benefits of this. Download my 5 DAY FOOD PLAN EBOOK and also my The foods a mum eats affects her breast milk.


Video Transcript:

Okay,  So want to talk about a study so scientific study that is relevant to how you should eat as a mum to be healthy and I absolutely love this study because if you watch other videos you know that.


I love talking about how mum eats because how it makes her healthy and her recover and then she can pass that on to a baby so this study found but if a mum ate a moderate balanced diet she got the most nutrition out of it.  Okay,  it’s getting to her a bit more so protein fat carbohydrates there the macronutrients the big ones the micronutrients micro microscope they’re the small ones vitamins and minerals and some others what they found was if the mums a in what moderate moderation moderate protein moderate fat moderate carbohydrate.


So they got the best micronutrients so they got the best extract goodness from the food by eating this moderate and balanced diet. Okay, this is why I love that this because that’s how i’ve been telling mums to eat and in this course if you look at the five-day meal plans and if you look at the blood sugar balancing I’m hand out there and if you look at the e-book eating mistakes for the eat that the mums make and then you look at the eating advice for mums you look in there.  


All I talk about is this blood sugar balancing diet which is basically this diet this moderate intake so your meal isn’t masses of carbs which is what moms do and it isn’t either masses of meat and fat like it’s not just a massive steak you know. It’s a steak and vegetables so there’s the balance as the meat and the fat and then there’s a balance of the carbs and then you get this mix of micronutrients which will nourish you.  


So it’s amazing the search backing up what I’ve been asking mums to do.  The reason it’s quite nice to do this ballets like this is quite easy. So,  for example, if you having a steak and then put some veg in if you’re like an avocado is a nice fat one. 


So,  you could have avocado o on a cracker or sourdough so you get the fats and theprotein and the carbs mixed together or you could sometimes have mums just snacking on some chicken that you might have cooked up but then you have an apple and then you’ve got the fat in the protein in the in the chicken and then your carbs from the apple.  So,  you get this mix but i’ve explained it all in these ebooks and the handouts that are there but rest assured there’s some science back in fact that you’re going to get the best value out of that now it’s a blood sugar balancing diet as well and balancing your blood sugar is fantastic for your hormones.  


As well it balances the hormones out through different mechanisms also explained in the books. So you get the hormone balancing it gives you longer energy through the day and your tires because you’ve got a new baby but if you eat regularly through the day you don’t have these ups and downs of blood sugar and these crashes and the tiredness and then the cravings for sugar. 


So we’re getting away from all of that I could take once you get this in place.  You’ll really feel better you’ll feel so much better that you’ll want to carry it on might sound chalky at the moment but it’ll be so good that you’re love it.  So,  this is the science backing it up but you need to just look into the resources section at the five-day mum food plan and everything that I’ve written for mums about eating well.  I hope this helps it gives it a give it go it’s really really worth it.

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