Your breast milk is partially digested by you

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So this video is in the breastfeeding section. But it could also go into the foods that a mum eats section and it’s about the breast milk actually being partially digested in the breast system before it even gets to your baby. 


Now I particularly liked finding this research because health is to a midwife or something heads kind of set upon me on social media about how what a mummy makes no difference because a baby will digest the milk in their stomach and I was actually putting out that we wanted.


To help the mum’s digestion nourish the mum be should be careful of what the mum eats and get all that working better inside the mum before I guess the baby and make eat digestion and things easier for the baby. 


So, less colic less reflux, and things like this. So, this bit of research found amazingly proteins and things are pre-digested in the breast system which is fantastic. 


So, from my point of view,  then this makes me think that we should look after often the mum check out what she’s eating. So, for example, if as a mum you are eating loads of dairy then maybe you’re not digesting that as well.


Then, that’s overflowing, overlapping, going into the baby. Then,  the baby’s digestive system can’t handle that much dairy. 


So, either that tells my protein or the lactose and then you’ll fully relying on the baby’s digestive system to cope with that. The babies are a baby, they’re going to be on the weaker side of digesting.  


So, what if we can lower the dairy in the mum’s diet.  So her breast system is then able to cope with the amount of digestion that goes on there or even help the mum by issues on a better side that she might be taking in more of her own enzymes. 


So, these enzymes are naturally in the foods that we eat. So,  you know plant foods will have the enzymes and things in. So, if mom is eating well then perhaps we can influence how the digestive system in the breast milk is actually working and then we’re passing more of the enzymes through onto the baby. 


The proteins are better digested so the baby has less colic, less winds, and less reflux.  So have a look at all the videos in the section for helping a mum eat while she’s breastfeeding and also follow my food plan which is a diet that should be full of nice natural healthy enzymes.

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