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So, I’ve been really excited this week, there’s been some two bits of really fantastic research that I’ve come across and it’s about the quality of breast milk. 


The thing that I really am passionate about and actually, get shot down on in flames a little bit from other breastfeeding professionals is that I believe in the quality and quantity of your breast milk.  


You can manipulate a little bit by eating better yourself.  Now I think as a mom listening to this you’ll go “yeah I know that that’s obvious if I haven’t drunk more it’s different if I’m stressed it’s different”.  


You know moms come out and they’ve had a period of stress and their breast milk is kind of dried up and then it comes back.  As they come out of the stresses something’s happening moms know this.  


Yet if you read into the research right, there’s good research that shows that it does change.  But it’s coming through there’s not so much of it but I really keep an eye out on it okay? 


But often mums are told “who cares what you eat doesn’t matter your breast milk stays the same” and your baby will be fine.  So, of course, your baby will be fine.  


But what if we can get you healthier and get your breast milk healthier and get your baby better. But also at the same time get you feeling better because you’re eating better.  


So, what’s the big deal about eating a bit better to help you,  maybe help your breast milk,  maybe help you. So, I’m a real pro a mum looking after themselves as well not just looking after the baby and forgetting yourself. 


So, two bits of research and I’m going to really summarize them.  One was on these beneficial sugars called oligosaccharides that are in the breast milk and they feed the gut bacteria they found.  


The researchers that if a mum took probiotics which you know I recommend all that for colicky babies, the munted probiotics, the sugars in her milk changed they got better. But they saw a change so doing something to the mum. 


Probiotics influenced what was in the breast milk what I say all the time and then how people say “no that’s not sure you can’t do that”.  But it drives me crazy because they’re not even looking into it.  


They’ve just been taught that breast milk stays the same. So, this was but what was also brilliant was the researchers actually wrote and said we thought you could not change it. 


It was genetically how the breast milk will be for mum, they sort of before it was genetics and so they thought they’d see no way that was changing and they wrote that and then they found that it did change.  How can it not change? ,  How can what you eat not change? what’s going into milk?  Because your milk is made out of you and what you eat. 


Okay, so I love that one how we use that is probably quite easy taking proboscis as healthy. But I’m gonna look deeper in deep and see how it can really benefit you.  


Okay, the next one a big study this week they took they’ve got thousands of moms who were donating their breast milk into this big pool that was then used. But they studied it all they found and it’s a quote there was a huge difference between each individual donation of breast milk they had. 


So all the mom’s breast milk was different. Of course, it is because each mum is different,  each mum is eating differently.  


They didn’t look in that,  they didn’t look why so I don’t know what they think. But they’re probably not even going there over it could be the health of the mum or what the mums eating.  


But the breast milk was different and they said that 80% of that difference was down to the fats.  This is what I go on to moms all the time but you’re probably lacking protein and fat in the diet because you’re snacking and having carbs and things. 


So, this is my interpretation of this but the fats seem to be very varied.  What if we can alter that or if we can help a mum eat better, eat more healthy fats, eat more protein,  that changes the breast milk, what if then the baby feels more full doesn’t cry or snack.  


So much I don’t know I’m making this up but what I see in the clinic is that it does because when we get mums to eat better the baby feeds better gets more full gets settled.  Even things like fats. 


If you’re talking about a meager three fatty acids they’re actually anti-inflammatory and this gut stuff like IBS or let’s say in babies colic, these fats actually calm the bowel down. 


What if there’s no Studies on this or that no but what if having a mum eat healthier fats alters how she feels alters how the breast milk is and then feeds the baby better and heals the gut better from colic. 


Okay making this up myself but that’s where I’m going with it and we started to get this research showing breast milk varies between people. You can do things to the mother and it changes these things that they didn’t think could change.  


So, it’s really important I love this stuff because now we’ve got this opportunity of looking after the mum which then helps the baby.  If you’re not breastfeeding who cares you look after yourself as well eating better, you’ll feel better and that rubs off on to the baby as well. 


Okay, I hope you found this a little bit interesting I’m gonna keep bringing more and more I’m always looking for this kind of research.  Now we’re gonna build it and build it.   Then get mom’s health better and get baby’s health better as well. 


Okay,  Christian Bates Calming Colic


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