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Using Sun Chlorella with pregnant mums to safely lessen toxic load

This is an excerpt from my book Calming Colic – How to help the 10 causes of colic.

This section describes one of the reasons I recommend using Sun Chlorella with my patients. I try whenever possible to only give advice when there is research to back me up, especially with pregnant mums and babies. The piece of research for the use of Sun Chlorella with pregnant women is fantastic, especially in the unavoidably toxic world we live in. The full research paper is available from the practitioner section of the Sun chlorella website
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Using Sun Chlorella for ultimate nutrition and protection for your baby from toxins in the breast milk
Sun Chlorella is one of my most recent supplement discoveries, and what a brilliant one it is for you and your baby’s health. Sun Chlorella is a particular chlorella product, and chlorella is a single-celled algae which is packed full of nutrients but also is very well known to have the ability to grab hold of toxins in us and remove them through our bowel movements.
I have mentioned that it is well documented that toxins DO pass from you to your foetus through the placenta and to your newborn through your breast milk. To lessen this you need to decrease your intake of toxic substances as I have explained above, from food, air, water and cosmetics etc. What you must NOT do is start on any sort of detoxification diet thinking that this will help, it probably won’t. Detoxification diets and supplements work by mobilising stored toxins and getting them out of us via faeces, urine or sweat. However this means getting them back into circulation which means they could find their way into the breast milk or placental circulation and you may unwittingly pass them to your baby this way.
I was very pleased to find that in research using Sun Chlorella the toxins in mothers were successfully excreted in the urine so they weren’t passed to the baby. This is great as the supplement provides incredible nutrition that can be really beneficial during the pregnancy and for the breastfeeding mother who requires higher intakes of easy quick proteins, vitamins and minerals.
There are 3 important points that this research found, summarised as follows:

There was a correlation with particular toxins that were in the mothers blood, the mothers fatty tissue, the blood in the baby’s placenta and even the mothers breast milk. This means that toxins that were potentially dangerous to the baby had been accumulated over previous years in the fat cells but were also found in fluid that the baby was living off, even though this was to a lesser degree than in the mothers own blood.
The use of Sun Chlorella decreased toxin levels in placenta blood (so took the toxins out of the baby).
The use of Sun Chlorella decreased toxin levels in breast milk (so the toxins weren’t being passed to the baby from the mother via her milk).
For me this shows that Sun Chlorella mobilises toxins but they do not find their way into any fluid that could be detrimental to the foetus or baby; what it is doing is grabbing hold of the toxins and pulling them out of the mother to be safely excreted in the urine. This is great news! Remember toxins have been associated with lowered IQ in children when passed from mother to child.

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