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Is your baby excessively crying, colicky, in pain and not sleeping?

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Whilst the NHS website tells us the ‘causes are unknown’, the truth is that babies get colic for at least 10 reasons. In the book Calming Colic, I explain what those causes are and what actions you can take to help your baby if they are excessively crying, colicky, have wind pain and are not sleeping.

Colic is a symptom, your baby is trying to tell you something..

Because colic is a symptom and not a disease, there is no magic cure. Every child is different. Colic drops may work for some babies but not many others. This book will help you on your journey to understanding the best solution for your upset baby.

Offering a totally different view point from any other baby help book, osteopath and naturopath Christian Bates uses his clinical experience and combines it with medical scientific research to come up with an understanding of factors that cause colic and then explains silly the solutions to put in place to help your baby.

  • What if I told you an excessively crying baby is NOT NORMAL
  • What if I told you that you don’t have to wait 12 weeks for your crying baby to grow out of their pain
  • What if I told you that what happened at the time of delivery plays a major factor in why your baby has colic or is excessively crying and upset
  • What if I told you that those same factors can play a role in your babies future health too

The answers to colic have been available to us through scientific research for some time but it is only in this new book that they have been put together to offer practical ways to help your baby right now and even more importantly these same benefits extend into the future health of your baby too.

Unbelievably nearly all babies nowadays experience one or more of the 10 factors that are the cause behind colic. If you want your baby to actually sleep like a baby this book has information you will love.

These are the top 4 causes of your baby being colicky, upset, in pain and not sleeping

  1. Antibiotic use; direct to baby or via mother at delivery or via breast milk (note you probably had antibiotics if you had a C-section but may not realise it)
  2. A traumatic delivery using forceps, ventouse, kiwi or your baby got stuck for an extended time
  3. C-section whether emergency or planned
  4. A stressful delivery which could be a very fast end stage of delivery

There are even more causes but the good news is that each one can be very successfully helped to get your baby happy, calmer, sleeping and smiling!

5 ***** Amazon reviews

“Christian gave me my sanity back and I can not thank him enough!!” – Mrs Salgado

“This book has been a Godsend and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a colicky baby in those early weeks. Christian’s advice is clear, invaluable and extremely helpful.” – Laura

 “Amazing book – quite literally saved my life! What a wonderful book, so easy to read and full of clear, concise advice on how to relieve the symptoms of colic in your baby. A must read to anyone whose baby is suffering with colic. The price is really reasonable, I would have paid more before I read it, after I’d read it, it became priceless to me.” – Gail Wickens

“Calming Colic was recommended to me by a friend – it’s a really easy book to read – I read it within an hour, and then went back and read it again a few days later. It has useful suggestions as to the reason for your baby having colic, what might have started it, ideas on how to resolve it, etc. We followed all the recommendations, and we have had success. Thank you Christian! I wish we had had this book with our first baby too. Would have stopped all the sleepless nights for the first 12 weeks!”- Rhea

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As Christian treated babies over the years he started to see patterns in the causes behind their colic, and from these he developed his own treatment protocols. He then started to investigate the scientific research on these causes and found plenty to back up his theories. The Calming Colic book has therefore been written using a combination of clinical experience and scientific data. Christian’s hope is to help as many babies and parents as possible with this ebook and to dispel the myth that colic is an unknown and untreatable problem.


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