Gestational Diabetes changes gut bacteria

And this can therefore aggravate colic


Video Transcript:


Gestational diabetes is diabetes which is a problem of sugar in-tank high sugar intake. That’s the classic definition of it. 


It’s with mums usually as they come into the last trimester. So, this can obviously be a concern for the mum and they may have to have their baby monitored more and possibly babies get induced or they have c-section depending on how the mum feels. 


So, it’s a kind of significant problem to have and like lots of diabetes type problems, it can be helped with diet. So, it’s really known I’m a big believer in the mother eating well and this one obviously the baby’s not born yet. 


So, this should be that the mother eating well during pregnancy as well. Certain problems can come up if the mum is thinking about eating for two because you want to eat for two in the respect of health. 


You’re nourishing your baby rather than in terms of quantity necessarily and because actually, the increased calorie intake is not too much.  But if you’re thinking you can have two cakes instead of one, you could be taken on quite a lot of sugar, overeating through the carbs,  and the sugar.


Okay, so this study found that the bacteria in a mum’s mouth is linked to gestational diabetes.  So, they could tell they took a set of mums who had gestational diabetes a set of moms who didn’t check the oral microbiome. 


So, checked their bacteria in the mouth which is pretty much the same as the gut bacteria. They found it was different,  it was not as good in the mums with gestational diabetes. 


So, they were saying it could be a marker and an easy marker.  We’ll check this to see how diabetes getting on now you know from this course. 


It’s a massive link between the bacteria in you being passed to your baby.  So, during delivery, it can be passed on and they inside you so they around this the bacteria of you already.  


So, is such an interesting link and it’s a link between the mum the baby later and something that the mum has a problem with that mum has and her gut bacteria. So, again it just all points to as a mum looking after yourself or eating well and having good bacteria. 


Then that can all be passed on through the delivery and afterward through your breast milk by touch to your baby. So, you have a healthier baby in the future. 


But also that in fact less likely to have colic and reflux and things because their gut bacteria is good.  So, another lovely example of how mother and baby mirror each other and their one.

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