Your baby’s first poo is amazing

It’s full of bacteria!


Video Transcript:


So, something very exciting to tell you about today and it is the baby’s first poo the meconium. Now, as a parent, you’re probably talking about poos more now than you ever have in your life. 


You’re telling these other fellow mums all about your baby’s poos. So, here you have another story to add to your mini poo stories and it is about your baby’s first poo. 


So, it has been thought,  I’ve heard so many times they didn’t quite make sense to me. But so many times the baby’s gut is sterile. 


As they’re born they pick up the bacteria from the birth canal, if they’re born by c-section they miss out on that, and then they pick up the skin bacteria. Okay, so, this is one of the reasons that c-section is thought to be not so good for the baby because they miss out on that. 


One of the reasons that vaginal delivery is thought to be good is because they pick up bacteria. However,  my experience showed me that this didn’t all add up it’s not black and white like this. 


For one baby get antibiotics or you get antibiotics at a c-section the mum does. I think the antibiotics cause a bit more trouble than the c-section itself in some respects. 


But listen to this really fantastic donor why hasn’t been done before they looked at the poos,  the first poos of the baby. They looked at the bacteria and there were bacteria in their course there is because there is other research that shows there bacteria the percenter has its own bacteria. 


The fluids that the baby is laying in have got bacteria in them and even food particles in them. So, you’re basically sharing everything between you and your baby doesn’t make sense really let’s tell because the babies drink in the fluid and things. 


So, they looked at it, and here’s the conclusion really fab. That they could tell to a degree what babies would have colic by looking at the bacteria in the first poo amazing news because it shows that the baby does have some bacteria in it. 


So, for example, if you’ve had a c-section you know that the baby has had some bacteria. It is also this is for me this is the main thing look at your bacteria as the mum, that baby is picking that up whilst they inside you before they even born. 


So, you need to look after your own bacteria because that’s where the bacteria is coming from you. So, for example,  colic prevention in the last trimester you can be taking probiotics or eating foods that are good that are nourishing to your bacteria your gut bacteria or not eating loads of bad food that diminishes the bacteria.  


It means that if you’ve had antibiotics in pregnancy then that might be affecting your babies’ bacteria in their first poo.  So, it takes us back before the delivery and looking after yourself having the delivery doing things. 


If some examples, maybe like you had to have a c-section using the probiotic. So, we’ve now got it all staged out and planned how to help your baby all the way through hopefully prevent colicky even. 


Then we know that colic has a link to future problems as well because it’s a gut bacteria change.  So, now we’re looking at future things eczema, asthma, and food allergies of your baby. 


As young children, we come all the way back to when they were inside us. How you can look after yourself there with probiotics because we now know that that baby is picking up the bacteria whilst they are inside you. This is fab news because you can really get involved even more with your baby’s health while they are inside you. 

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