Depression and dermatitis linked

But we can help ease this link


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This is in the research section of the course and it’s about a study by found a link between mothers that had maternal depression. There was a link to their babies having atomic dermatitis. 


So, a skin condition and think eczema or psoriasis something like that but it’s a little bit different they’re called something different. But just think about skin problems on your baby and they found a sort of rather unhelpful for mothers that if they had depression postnatal depression the baby was more likely to have skin issues. 


So, one of these bits of research like don’t like it’s a bit finger pointing at the mum. As a mom you’re like “oh right great,  I’ve got this,I feel awful ”.

Now, what now my baby skin’s bad because of me can you blame itself. But this let’s look at it the spin that and see the better angle of how you and your baby are linked. 


So, intricately and how these seemingly two unknown factors are linked together and they have found a link. They don’t know why they have said we don’t understand why. 


However,  from my point of view depression of things can actually come from a gut problem in the mum like communication this gut-brain access that goes on.  We know the skin problem is in babies can come from a guts problem as well.  


So, if a baby comes in with skin problems, we’ve always looked at the microbiome of the gut bacteria and use probiotics with a baby.  So, we then know that a baby picks up gut bacteria from the mum. 


So, now we may be seeing a link I don’t know they haven’t studied. If this is true this is my opinion. 


But there’s an easy link there that’s what we’re talking about in this whole course.  So, can you then take on for your next baby perhaps or can you see this intricate link between you and your baby that your gut bacteria you being healthy helps your baby. 


This is the best thing about this annoying bit of research is that it shows that you and your baby are linked something with you.  So, baby, and why I do like it is because of this is because so, many times you’re told things that kind of make you separate from your baby like what you eat doesn’t affect your baby. 


If you’re breastfeeding how you feel doesn’t affect your baby you know your baby in you as separate. So, whatever you do doesn’t affect them it’s not true your one your linked. So, look after yourself you eat well,  take your supplements,  your postnatal supplements, your prenatal supplements,  you look after the gut bacteria. 


You do that before you get pregnant even and then you build yourself up through the pregnancy. Then you continue that when you have your baby whether you’re breastfeeding or not.


So, mums, you look after your own health and that will help your baby. That is what I want you to get from this little bit of research is that you’re totally linked,  so look after yourself.

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