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Calming Colic – How to help the 10 causes of Colic



A newly published book, ‘Calming Colic – How to Help the 10 Causes of Colic’ ‘by osteopath and naturopath Christian Bates, contradicts the thinking on the NHS website which says that, ‘…the causes of colic are unknown and that there is no cure’.

Colic is a common and generally unexplained condition and the number one complaint among newborn babies. It causes distress and disruption in sleep patterns, both for the baby and its parents, and is often explained as a digestive imbalance.

Having treated many babies for colic over a 20 year period, the author began to see patterns in the cause of the condition; for example, a very large percentage of the babies treated had had exposure to antibiotics or had been delivered through C-section delivery. On looking at scientific research, the author found that both these factors affected babies’ digestion in a way that had been linked to colic in other research.

Recognising that each child is different and that colic is a symptom and not a cause, the author, using his extensive clinical experience, has developed a number of solutions to calm colic.

Unbelievably, nearly all babies nowadays experience one or more of the 10 factors that are the cause behind colic. Offering a totally different viewpoint from any other baby help book, Calming Colic – How to Help the 10 Causes of Colic is an accumulation of all the advice given by the author to parents in a consultation, plus much more.

Calming Colic is available from and as a Kindle download from Amazon.

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What people are saying about Calming Colic:

“This is a pioneering book. If your child is suffering with the symptom called colic, Calming Colic will help you identify and resolve the underlying causes in your child.”

– Dr Mark Atkinson, Integrative Medical Physician and Author of the Mind-Body Bible

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It contains clear, concise information as to how to help your baby when it is distressed by colicky symptoms. There is no need to wait and suffer along with your distressed baby, this book can really help.

– Shellie

A Huge Thank You to Christian Bates the Author for writing a book that all desperate Mums will be so grateful for!

– Emily

We followed all the recommendations, and we have had success. Thank you Christian! I wish we had had this book with our first baby too. Would have stopped all the sleepless nights for the first 12 weeks!


The references give the book some additional weight, and make it perfect for sharing with health care professionals. Thank you Christian, for writing this book and making it so readily available. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

– Sheila

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