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Mums are so commonly told that “all babies cry” or “just wait 12 weeks and they’ll get better”. These are my pet hate pieces of advice! Because some babies cry all the time and mums instinctively know this just isn’t right. If you baby is like this you don’t want to wait 12 weeks either!

My mission is to help babies like this and it can be done! This information guide is a good place for you to start on why your baby is upset.

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This guide contains common advice I give on why a baby is excessively crying, upset, colicky and not sleeping.

For more information like this and how to help your baby with these issues (which can actually help them with their future heath too) then I recommend reading my full book Calming Colic available from this site which contains just about all my 20 years of knowledge on helping babies smile, sleep and be happy.

Is Your Baby Crying Excesively Book Cover

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The PDF download of the book Calming Colic which holds the answers to helping an upset baby is only £3.99. Available here




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