Where the mum drank lots of fizzy drinks

It makes your baby windy!


Video Transcript:


This is one of my baby birth stories and it’s about fizzy drinks, fizzy drinks, and the mum that is breastfeeding. And you know that I love the idea of what a mum eats passing to a baby.  And lots of people say, Is it true? But it is totally true.  


Okay, so I remember two paces of a mum two months that ate drunk masses of Fizzy drinks. It was both Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  And I’m not 100% sure what creates this awful wind in the baby from these. Is it somehow the fizz.


It seems strange that the fizz can go through to the baby. Is it that the drinks are overloaded with sugar?  Is it that they have additives colors?  These sorts of things are ill that they’re a diet one, so they’ve actually got in the artificial sweeteners. 


Okay, this is what I want to get across to you. The two windiest babies have ever seen. The mums were doing it’s like two liters of Coke a day. One mum stopped drinking it and said it was the first time she ever saw her baby calm and smile.


She started drinking again. She freely said I’m totally addicted to it.  I have to have it.  I’m so tired, I’m so stressed.  I have to drink the Coke. 


She drank it again and the baby came straight back. The colic came back for the baby. So this moves us onto the other part, which is another part of the lessons, which is you have to eat well. 


If this month was eating well, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in between, she was filling herself up.  She would have balanced blood sugar, she would have been full and she wouldn’t have craved this sugar. Okay, now, the next story I have was before this one and this was maybe 10-15 years ago or earlier on in my career helping babies. 


And it was when I absolutely decided to always ask mums about what they eat.  I treated this baby a few times and the baby felt great like had really improved some of the things we really improved. But the wind in the baby was still awful and I was stuck. 


And somehow we got around that this lady, this mum too was drinking loads and loads of Fizzy drinks, stopped the Fizzy drinks, colic, windy. The baby has gone really quickly and then the baby was great because we’ve done all of the other stuff, but we just missed this one thing and it was the mum drinking, passing through the breast milk, and aggregating the baby. And definitely, at that time, the advice was that it doesn’t matter, eat what you want, drink it does not go through the breast milk.


The baby doesn’t get it. I mean, this is still now. This is still the advice mums are getting now. But I do vividly remember that because I just thought I’ve done treatments on this baby and I missed this. I missed that this mum was drinking all of these fizzy drinks. So now I always look into that.


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