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So I’m going to run you through a little calming colic birth story here where I’ll just go through a baby and you can pick up and recognize some of the things that your baby might have had. And then how we helped this baby, a lovely little baby, in fact, not so little because the baby came in at twelve weeks old. So the absolute classic, the mum had been told all of this advice, don’t worry, all babies cry. Colic gets better.


Colic doesn’t exist. At twelve weeks, they’ll get better. And this one, the baby had been colicky from two weeks old and then had got to twelve weeks and finally thought, this isn’t happening, they’re not getting better. They’re still screaming. So come in for some advice and some help. 


I always look when I look back at my notes, I always look at the first thing a mum says to me when I say, how’s your baby? And this is the first thing mom said,  intense and horrific when the baby cries, okay,  so this mum is really upset.  It’s got no idea what to do with the baby and how to help.


So then we look at the birth, we look at the delivery of the baby because the baby has only been around twelve weeks. Not much has really happened in the life of this baby to be this upset. So it comes from the delivery. 


And the mum had forceps after having a fell ventouse. So baby had quite a lot of compressions around the head and tried to be pulled out with the ventouse. Okay. Then on top of that, a big factor, antibiotics are involved because the mum had then had a mastitis infection and she had got antibiotics but managed to breastfeed through that. 


But she hadn’t been told that antibiotics passed to her baby.  And as we know in adults, antibiotics upset optimize and can give us diarrhea and that’s normal. That’s an antibiotic. So hold on a second. 


You take that, you breastfeed, you pass that to a baby and then your baby gets an upset tummy as this baby had. But no, they don’t get told that while the science is there, it absolutely proves it and shows that, okay, this is the main thing where the baby was in. The baby is still waking eight times a  night, twelve weeks old, eight times a night.


You can imagine how the mum feels, looks the way she’s exhausted, upset, worried about her baby, and has no idea what to do because she’s had no advice on how to proactively help her baby. And the baby is now twelve weeks old and he’s still waking eight times a night. A few treatments down the line, the baby is now waking twice a night. She is super happy.


She looks better, she feels better, she’s happy. The baby is happy.  The baby is smiling. I saw the baby transformed.  Lovely, lovely baby. 


And twelve weeks waking twice, she’s super happy with this some mums will want a baby sleeping through twelve weeks but compared to the eight she’s really happy and that’s how we kind of judge how far we’re going to go with the baby because from eight to two is great.  I’m so happy with that.  This baby will then just snowball from there down to once and then to sleep all the way through.  So we obviously used some very gentle treatment with this baby to relieve the tensions of the forceps and the ventouse.


But a major player in this is using the probiotics because the baby had antibiotics and like I’ve said in lots of my videos and in this course there’s such a connection between the gut and the brain is actually called the gut-brain axis and if your baby has an upset tummy it will wake them up at night and that was happening part of what was happening with this baby.


The baby’s tummy really settled less wind, easier to burp, easier for the wind to come out, and then we calm the baby down because the baby hated laying on its back because it pulled out with one too so we calm that down so the babies are more comfortable laying on his back so a really nice story very common story that comes in with all of these factors coming in and that’s a good point. All of these different factors. There wasn’t one thing that fixed the baby we put in multiple things to completely calm down and have a happy baby and a happy month.


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