Stress in pregnancy

This changes your baby’s gut bacteria!


Video Transcript:


This video is about stress in the mum before the baby or your baby was even born. So as you watch this, we may be looking back at something that’s already happened, but it’s useful to look at that because we’ve got something that can help. And as you listen, you might go, that sounds like me. 


So then you use the advice and we can counter what has helped. So this research is really great research because it just makes so much sense to me and I’m so glad that it was done. And it showed that stress for the mum during pregnancy altered the balance of the bacteria in the vaginal canal, which is where the baby picks up a lot of the bacteria for its gut.


If that doesn’t happen, then you can get more colic, more eczema, more asthma, more immune system problems with an out-of-balance gut bacteria in your baby. So again, we’re looking for the root cause here. You have a colicky baby. It could have been caused by a decreased good bacteria in the birth canal and that might have been caused by some stress during your pregnancy. Pretty amazing. 


As we’re coming back to find the cause, I’ve also done a video that tells us about some research that shows that there are bacteria in the baby whilst inside you. So if you are looking after yourself while you’re carrying your baby, maybe taking probiotics or foods that nourish the gut bacteria, then even if you had that stress, you might be combating it here already. Then if you know that you had some stress prenatally whilst carrying your baby, and then maybe the baby wasn’t going to pick up quite so much and then you ended up with a bit of colic.


You can use the probiotics here, you can use them in your last trimester or you’ve given birth to your baby. But here is another reason to give your baby the baby probiotics, because you know that there’s some stress here, but you want to counter that, you want to repair it. No problems because we know how to do that with the baby probiotics. It’s like your baby here, if they have colic is saying, I’ve got colic my tummy, I’m a bit windy. 


What happens back here to create that a little bit more than was maybe going to happen. So the happy spin on this, on the stress that you might have had whilst you’re carrying your baby, is that that can be repaired and that is another trigger cause or another one of the little factors that go towards your baby being colic and windy. But it can be fixed with probiotics.

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