Pregnancy is like a marathon

So, mums, you must look after yourself


Video Transcript:


So, there’s been some really amazing research that showed how demanding being pregnant is and they basically compared it to be as hard work as running a marathon or doing a long endurance event like the tour de France.  Okay, so,  this is quite incredible think of the training that would go into you running a marathon.  


You may have got pregnant and got into that with no training whatsoever and all of a sudden those same demands on your body are basically maxing your body out to grow this baby inside you, the baby in the placenta, and then carry it around with you. 


Then give birth to the baby and look after that baby with no sleep, then worry, and then if you’re breastfeeding produce your breast milk. Think of the demands and what’s so nice is the source of scientifically looked at that and said that is like a long-term endurance event. 


So, i read this I thought thank you, we have something to compare it to get across to new mums to look after yourself. So, I tell, try, and get mums looking after self-eating better getting some rest. 


In all the things we do here to help a mum sleep better. But one of the main things is actually eating better because mums don’t eat so good because you’re tired, you’re snacking, and I also say that that affects your breast milk which affects how happy your baby is. 


Their gut microbiome, their future health, and lots of people come back to me and say “just leave the mums alone let me what they want it doesn’t affect the breast milk”,  doesn’t affect the babies’ got to take the pressure off, and leave them alone. Okay,  there’s no pressure this is just my advice you should eat when you look after yourself. 


Then this research comes out and it’s for me it’s like they go that is demanding “Would you have someone after they run a marathon, someone, you know they’ve just run the marathon and then you say to them “You don’t have to eat now”,  “ Don’t look after yourself”, “ Don’t eat properly”.   


You know get back to work really hard, stress yourself out, don’t sleep,  you know don’t sleep to recover from that marathon, you wouldn’t be saying that. But that’s effective as a mum that’s happening to you have to look after yourself. 


So, no apologies for me to say to a new mum that you are in recovery from having growing that baby,  in you growing the placenta going through that delivery, and now looking after a baby with a lack of sleep.  It’s really good to look after yourself even if the foods you eat don’t benefit you and don’t go through your breast milk to your child as I say. 


Even though that doesn’t happen you’re still looking after yourself it’s a win-win. Look after yourself, you feel better, look after yourself, and your baby feels better. So,  I can’t get this point across enough to eat better look after yourself use all the resources in this course the food plans, and start doing that. 


I get it you are tired, you have rushed around and got some help. If you can if there’s family, if there are friends that can do the cooking for you.  


Just eat more most moms are undereating in fact because they’re so rushed. But get it a bit more healthy and eat more. 


So, use the plans that we’ve got on here because remember you’re recovering from a major depleting event and you’ve got to build yourself back up. 

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