Does your baby have a tongue tie?

Why they are so helpful for you and your baby?


Video Transcript:


Let’s talk about tongue-tie in this video. So, I am not a tongue-tied expert. 


If mum comes in with a baby and asked me to have a look,  I have a look.  But I say don’t take what I say you have to go and see tongue tie expert. 


Let them have a proper look and then they can deal with it anyway.  But here’s my take on the tongue tie. 


It could either miraculously help your baby have the tongue tie slipped or it might not help that much too. Okay,  I would say it often more often it’s not the miracle cure that the mum is after.  


Okay,  why is that just everything in this course? We are looking holistically at you and your baby. 


So, it might be found that your baby has some partial tongue tie. You hope that that is going to help them be less ratty because you think that the tongue tie means they’re taking in air, they’re windy, then they’re hungry,  they’re ratty, and the feedings not good. 


But your babies also had forceps or ventouse two’s delivery and their head is faced in one direction. They can’t turn this way to feed off you.  


Actually, that is a bigger mechanical problem that they can’t even look this way to feed here. You know let alone the tongue-tied playing a role they can’t even get round there to breastfeed of you. 


For example, you have an antibiotic baby birth type they’ve had antibiotics they’re pooping ten times a day, every time they do the tiniest little watery poo,  they’re upset and irritating they’re screaming as if they’re having a huge poo. 


Then not much comes out so you could have a half tongue tight baby with those big symptoms and you’re pinning it all on having the tongue tie. So,  my advice is obviously to get the tongue-tied checked get it treated. 


If it needs it but you still must look holistically at all of the points in this course about your baby to help the colic help them physically. If they’ve had or traumatic delivery you still have to put that in place. 


Having said that some babies if their tongue ties are really bad have that slipped boom everything’s amazing the feeling is fantastic. But we are open-minded that there are other things to look at with your baby.

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