Is Your Colic Baby Noisey, Grunty And Groaney?

Many babies are just noisy!

Their tummy is bubbly and they grunt and groan all the time. This is loud at night!

For me this is tummy issues like colic. This may seem obvious but babies cry for other reasons too. Watch this video to learn more. Then definitely watch the suggested videos below as they will tell you more about helping colic:

What is colic?

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Video transcript:


Is your baby noisy? Are they grunty, groany, straining? 


I’ve seen a baby this week  – it was interesting because that was all that really was wrong with the baby. The baby was actually sleeping, having decent three to four hours sleeps, and feeds at night, except the baby was still waking the parents because it was so noisy with grunting and groaning and straining and hitting, whacking its Moses basket and all of this. And of course, as a parent you can hear a pin drop from a mile away whilst you’re doing that! We think that we all found out we could do, which was half sleep and half listen to your baby whilst you’re sleeping.


So, noisy babies – I go for tummy,  like, that’s where I will start, and I was trying to help them with their tummy first. Now, I have a rule – mostly help all babies with their tummy first, but there’s different  characteristics about babies, so a baby that’s, for example, had a forceps or   ventouse or a very traumatic delivery, they may not show this grunty, groany-type symptom. They can just be screaming the whole time because that sort of tension from the delivery is there the whole time. Whereas when it’s more, let’s say, colicky or windy – something like that  – the bowel, like we know with us, goes in cycles. 


So this movement of the bowel (which is called  peristalsis), you have the peristalsis and then it stops and then it comes on, so you can have a baby that could be screaming and then completely happy! Goes and then that smiling and then bam, waah! As peristalsis goes in, a bit wind starts to move around or gets trapped somewhere. So grunty, groany, noisy tummy.


So, then I would then start asking the questions about things that upset the tummy. So, my book: “How to Help the Ten Causes of Colic”, that’s ten ways to help tummy, and there’s more than that now, and that’s all in these videos or on the Online Colic Solution taking you through each of those and addressing each one in your baby.


So, for example, did you have a C-section? Did you have antibiotics? It’s all to do with the different bacteria in the baby’s tummy. Good-bad imbalance that triggers colic, that triggers wind, and then you want to help that.


So, just take this as the tip: if your baby is grunty and groany, you want to address the tummy issues first. Tummy issues go, and then they get better, okay. I hope this helps – you can ask your questions on here and go to where there’s more information, and my Online Colic Solution with lots and lots more videos like this. Thanks!

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