Breastfeeding Pain, Shallow Latch And Poor Latch Problems

Are you having breastfeeding difficulties?

Is breastfeeding painful?

Does your baby pull away off you?

Does your baby have a poor latch? Or a shallow latch?

Is breastfeeding painful and you have to use nipple shields?

So many mums have these problems and are near giving up breastfeeding. But what if I told you it was noting to do with your technique or anything you are doing wrong. Mums have said to me that their let down is too fast, or too slow. They have a good feeding side and a bad side. They have one boob that works well and one that doesn’t. They basically blame themselves and no one tells them any different.

What if I told you one of the main reasons for breastfeeding problems is to do with your baby and their delivery. Have a watch.

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