Breastfeeding Pain, Shallow Latch And Poor Latch Problems

Are you having breastfeeding difficulties?

Is breastfeeding painful?

Does your baby pull away off you?

Does your baby have a poor latch? Or a shallow latch?

Is breastfeeding painful and you have to use nipple shields?

So many mums have these problems and are near giving up breastfeeding. But what if I told you it was noting to do with your technique or anything you are doing wrong. Mums have said to me that their let down is too fast, or too slow. They have a good feeding side and a bad side. They have one boob that works well and one that doesn’t. They basically blame themselves and no one tells them any different.

What if I told you one of the main reasons for breastfeeding problems is to do with your baby and their delivery. Have a watch.


Video Transcript:

Hi, Christian Bates here of Calming Colic. So in this video I’m gonna to tell you the hardest baby to breastfeed. Okay, so remember all the things that I am helping you with here, they’re patterns. It’s not every baby. It doesn’t work for every baby. That’s the whole point because there isn’t one fix for every baby. You, your own mom, you had a different delivery to everyone else. Babies are all different but if I’m gonna put a nice generalization on this, this would be a very hard baby to breastfeed. And this might ring some bells for you, okay.


So it’s a baby that’s had possibly quite a long delivery, could have been quite traumatic, lots of compressions on them while they were stuck down. Maybe they were bobbing in and out. They weren’t coming out properly. Possibly, they had to be helped out with ventouse or some forceps, okay.


These are little meerkats babies. So this is what I call them and in in this course, you can go and have a look at the baby birth types that I’ve kind of invented. So they’re a little meerkat baby. They’re stiff here, okay. When you hold them, they’re stiff and they’ve thrown themselves away from you because they favor this arched position like this. So they’ll be here and they’ll be back like this all the time. The head would always be back. When you hold them, they’re comfortable back with their head like this. So this is the little meerkat baby.


What does that mean when you breastfeed? That means we would be again, I’ve got a demo breastfeeding on myself. I apologize. When you bring them in to breastfeed, they’re going away from you. They’re always arching away. So up here, they throw themselves out here. They arch away. They don’t like laying on their back because when they’re laying on their back, they’ve got to go this way and they don’t like that. 


This is all from the delivery. It’s just a pattern. This occurred from the delivery which might only be a few weeks and in the past, okay. So if this rings some bells then again, it’s just softening the baby out with some of this gentle cranial Osteopathy treatment that we use. And the baby becomes more floppy here and you can hold them on because you, if this is your baby, you have felt how strong they are pushing away. You can’t put that much pressure back on the baby. You don’t want to push them this hard so they’re very difficult because they’re constantly pushing away. Okay, so if this little meerkat baby rings any bells and you’re struggling with the breastfeeding, then do drop me an email Thank you.


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