Do Antibiotics Cause colic?

“All babies cry”

“just wait and they’ll get better”

“all babies want to be held”

“all babies dont sleep”.

“Antibiotics don’t affect your baby”

Heard any of these?

And other advice that makes no sense to you and didn’t help you at all?

Let me just give you some TRUTH!

I have many of these myths. They are all covered in my online colic solution. But let me give you right now probably the most important one if your baby has colic and it’s about antibiotics. Have a watch.

P.S. Remember if you had a C-section you HAD antibiotics at the surgery.

In my online course this is just 1 of 100 baby health videos I have and is part of my “myths” section. Here are other myths you can learn about:

The MYTHS of colic and the BAD advice you have been given

Have you been told these bits of poor advice that didn’t help you or your baby?

Video intro: Myths introduction what myths are you hearing from friends family and professionals?

Myth 1: Colic has no cure – don’t believe that there is no help for colic
Myth 2: Wait 12 weeks and your baby will be better – why wait you can help them now!
Myth 3: Antibiotics don’t affect your baby – oh yes they do! This is major!
Myth 4: All babies need to be held – but why do some other babies lay down just fine
Myth 5: Breastfed babies don’t need to be winded – just another weird one
Myth 6: Food from the mother doesn’t pass into her breastmilk – common sense will tell you that it does but why are you told this then
Myth 7: What’s the right number of poo’s for your baby? Such conflicting advice here but is the reality and will make sense to you
Myth 8: All babies cry – but does your baby cry more than the others?

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